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The Challenge

VVenair boasts a team of 50 field sales reps, each managing a portfolio of about 1000 customers. Managing a team and pipeline of such magnitude proved a real challenge for management, particularly the level of visibility from reporting and planning.

Before deploying ForceManager, Venair used a traditional CRM that, as is common, was suffered from low user adoption rates. Consequently, field sales reps recorded meeting details on slips of paper be uploaded to the CRM at the end of the day.

This lack of use had a serious effect on sales pipeline coverage, causing the following problems:

Lack of visibility in real time: The sales director had zero visibility on the progress of his teams sales opportunities. Seeing as Venair’s sales team spends the large majority of its time visiting clients, the lack of a mobile-first tool made reporting data extremely difficult.

Lack of communication: The lack of visibility was compounded further by a lack of communication not only between field reps and management, but between the reps and their customers. Because of the inefficient data collection process, reps were attending visits with little to no idea of what had been discussed or agreed upon prior to their arrival.

After implementing ForceManager, Venair went from an office-based CRM to a mobile sales solution which made a direct impact on their sales activity, both in terms of efficiency and visibility.

"For a company like ours with sales teams reporting to an international customer base, ForceManager gives us the visibility needed to make the best business decisions for our portfolio of clients"

Carles Duarte, Business Manager at Venair

The Solution

Thanks to ForceManager our field sales reps can now:

  • Record sales data in a matter of seconds
  • Segment customers by location
  • Optimize their time between visits
  • Provide greater visibility of their sales pipelines

In this way, both the sales team and management can better manage the client portfolio, make informed decisions based on live date and deliver increasingly accurate sales forecasts.

The Result

Since ForceManager was implemented, the results of Venair speak for themselves:

In one year, the number of visits made per field rep increased by more than 10%.

Because data is shared among the entire sales team, there is greater visibility of the number of visits each client receives, helping management to identify those clients left unattended and those who might be interested in potential product upsells.

In fact, Venair increased revenue driven from upsell activities by 15%.

After asking Venair Sales Director, Carles Duarte, if he would recommend ForceManager, he replied:

“An unresounding Yes! For a company like ours, with many commercials in different countries, it provides us with the visibility and sales processes needed to provide the service our portfolio of clients expects from us. It’s an invaluable tool that has definitely delivered on its promise.”