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Leading medical distributor to pharmacies in Spain. Fedefarma was created in 1928 and now works with more than 3,000 partners across seven different warehouses.

The Challenge

Fedefarma is one of the main medical distributors to pharmacies in Spain. Created in 1928, Fedefarma works with more than 3,000 partners across seven different warehouses. They also offer a wide range of services to guarantee personalized attention in health and welfare provisions.Fedefarma’s Sales and Marketing Director, Ferran Oliver, explains how in recent years, with the economic crisis and arrival of new competitors to the market, rivalry has increased in the pharmaceutical industry, making it necessary to carry out a deeper analysis of the opportunities made after every visit and improve follow-up of sales activity.Before implementing ForceManager, Fedefarma worked with different tools to manage all information including reporting and analyzing sales activity. The data crossover from various sources made it difficult for sales reps to offer the best service to their clients and also took up a lot of time to prepare each visit.“We used our ERP model, which allowed us to carry out a partial integration with our management system. However, this didn’t provide us with a lot of flexibility regarding certain information and it was harder to gain a 360º vision of our pharmacies.”That’s why Fedefarma searched for a new solution to improve their client relationships and meet their needs in a totally satisfactory way.Before making a decision, they carried out an evaluation of all existing tools that automate their sales strategy. The majority offered a multitude of adaptation policies and promised a high level of sophistication collecting and treating information. However, when it came to reporting they were time-consuming and the benefits to users and sales directors were limited. 

The Solution

They finally opted for ForceManager, the all-in-one sales accelerator platform. This gave them access to the platform from any device as well as the ability to geolocate visits in a matter of seconds, report activity in detail and generate future opportunities giving them a complete vision of their clients.

Ferran Oliver adds that it’s been nothing but benefits for his sales team since they implemented ForceManager. They’ve reduced reporting time and can also obtain all the information they need about client activity, a prospect’s sales potential and the portfolio of all services offered to the final client.

The Result

Fedefarma have been able to reduce the number of enquiries sales reps make to clients. “All information relating to services offered is centralized and updated instantly, so the whole team receives each update at the same time.”

Fedefarma has four different sales networks, which offer different services to the same base of clients. “ForceManager has also helped us to better coordinate between these networks, given that different teams share the same client calendar. That’s how we’ve been able to improve the quality of communication between our reps, as well as the service to our clients.”

The feedback of our final users working with ForceManager has been very satisfactory, the main reasons include optimization of time, fast access to client information and better coordination with the rest of the team.

  • Prospect visits have increased by 80% compared to last year (2016).
  • Sales activity reporting time has been reduced by 50%.
  • The sales team are more autonomous, reducing enquiries to other departments by 70%.
  • Improved visibility of sales team performance.