Get full visibility of all sales activities

ForceManager makes it easy for your team to be fully prepared for any upcoming visit: planned or unexpected. They get full visibility of all recent interactions (training, phone calls, past orders, etc.) so that they can be prepared for any eventuality. On top of that, ForceManager helps your team ensure all their conversations with clients are recorded so they can refer to information at a later date and improve client relations. Accurate data equals better relationships.


Real time data makes a healthy difference

ForceManager is extremely easy to use and its users consider it to be relevant and helpful with their day to day activities (80% of sales teams in the healthcare industry use the app daily). Even working offline, they still have access to all the information they need. This high usage leads to higher levels of quality accurate data to help you define your sales strategy, monitor progress, coach your team to success, and help it grow.


Visit the right healthcare clients at the right times

Do you want to make sure all your customers are being taken care of and none of your accounts have stalled? ForceManager makes it easy to optimize your portfolio coverage and makes intelligent suggestions to your team so that they know who they need to visit and when.

With ForceManager, your team visits each healthcare institution with the frequency and schedule you define. More visits at the right time equate to better relationships with your customers.

Real time coaching

Cross-Selling is Easier Than Ever

Running a specific promotion for one of your products? ForceManager helps you easily identify which customers you should visit as well as helping to improve your cross-selling opportunities. Your team receives a notification when they should visit a specific customer, together with pointers about what they should talk about during the call or meeting. Ensure your team doesn’t miss another opportunity to show the right product to your best customers.

AI - Personal Sales Assistant

Support your team through their sales journey with a state-of-the-art AI powered personal sales assistant that goes one step ahead of the needs of your team and helps them prepare upcoming meetings in a matter of seconds.




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