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The most advanced tool on the market to manage and share sales or activity goals with your team.

”ForceManager allows us to carry out cross-selling or up-selling actions that had led to a great improvement in the company results".

Daniel Díez

CEO of Klockner

Other popular features

Launch sales campaigns

Launch a new product, offer discounts or cross-sell. Executing sales campaigns has never been easier.

Sales Pipeline

Take control of your sales funnel and track the evolution of opportunities. Visualize the status of related tasks and detect the best opportunities.

Customer portfolio coverage

Ensuring your clients are getting contacted frequently and effectively is key. Easily set contact frequency alerts for each customer type or importance.

Add-on for launching sales campaigns on mobile devices
Sales Pipeline display with customer control in the cloud.
Widget with customer portfolio coverage in ForceManager Professional CRM

Go the extra-mile with GoalManager

Reach sales excellence with our market-leading add-on for advanced goal management, quota tracking and customisation.

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ForceManager is the #1 sales CRM for ease of use in 2022. Here are some of our customers.

Features for a stellar sales experience

Our mobile CRM is part of the complete ForceManager platform which aims to help you increase your sales. Each functionality is powerful on its own, but much more so when combined with the others.