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Increase sales by 27% and hit your quarterly targets


Always be ready for your sales visit

80% of sales reps admit to being underprepared for their sales visits, quoting time pressure and an inability to access their CRM. That’s why ForceManager’s dashboard shows only key data from an upcoming visit, keeping you up to speed before meeting the client face-to-face.


Get the most out of your day

Start your day with a fresh summary of “what’s next” and let ForceManager take care of the rest. Find the quickest routes to visits, ask for updates on specific deals and if you have time to spare, why not drop by nearby accounts in the area.


Prioritize your time intelligently

We combine Artificial Intelligence with the sales activity data automatically recorded within ForceManager to enable you not only to communicate with the system, but so it’s able to deliver real-time recommendations based on your unique scenario.

“I would say it has improved my work massively – I don’t have to duplicate the work when I get home because everything is recorded on the ForceManager app.”

Paul Hillier – Installation Manager at JT Ellis & Co

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