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The Challenge

HRBenefits is one of the most reputable independent employee benefits consulting firms across the United States. Their team of professionals provide employee benefit services and consulting to corporate employers by serving them as an intermediary with providers.

Growing tired and frustrated with disorganized Excel spreadsheets, Val Ortega, Partner and 401k Financial Advisor of the firm, seeked to find a solution to streamline her processes and rid her of disorganized and tedious data entry. Her broker-dealer suggested she use another major CRM on the market, however, due to its complexity and unfriendly user interface, Ortega quickly suspended that and went right back to Excel spreadsheets.

The Solution

Ortega came across ForceManager 5500 through a colleague in the industry and claims the platform has completely revolutionized her processes and how she does business. ”This is the first time I’ve found a solution that meets my needs as a 401(k) specialist”, she says.

ForceManager 5500 makes it possible for Ortega and her team to analyze, search, and visualize geolocated plan sponsors from within the CRM, for a smoother prospecting experience. And since ForceManager 5500 comes pre-populated with robust 5500 data and plan reports from ERISApedia, tedious data entry is massively reduced. Moreover, Ortega can easily share these plan reports to prospects and clients straight from the platform.

The Result

“ForceManager 5500 has helped me grow my business at an incredibly rapid pace.” – Val Ortega 

The implementation of ForceManager 5500 has allowed Ortega to bid spreadsheets goodbye and streamline her sales and marketing efforts.

ForceManager 5500 has given her an easier avenue to manage her pipeline, create actionable items and keep meeting notes organized. With high user adoption rates, and a user-friendly interface optimized for WebApp & Mobile, the technology adds a new dimension to retirement sales, serving as a personal assistant for Ortega and her team, complete with in-App video conferencing, data intelligence, plan warnings, and powered by Artificial Intelligence.