Packard Wheeler Succession

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The Challenge

Packard Wheeler Succession (PWS), a firm of 26 members with 6 financial advisors, specializes in strategies to assist corporations and closely-held businesses achieve financial strength and transfer wealth from one generation to the next.

Prior to ForceManager 5500, most of PWS’ prospecting and sales efforts encompassed referrals and word-of-mouth advertising. Looking to scale their 401(k) footprint, James Noel, financial advisor of the firm, sought out a solution that would allow his team to engage with qualified prospects and grow their client base.

The Solution

The ForceManager 5500 mobile app is Uber for retirement plan prospecting. Open the app and ForceManager will quickly identify all 401(k) plan opportunities in your immediate geographic location.” – James Noel

The cornerstone of ForceManager 5500 is the map functionality that allows PWS to easily visualize the plans and prospects in their area, driving more intentional marketing strategies. Quick access to plan analytics and benchmarking data makes it easy for PWS to segment and analyze plan sponsors and build a smarter prospect list.

The implementation of the tool also enables PWS to dig into industry reports to locate plan sponsors, access their contact information, and contact them directly from the app.

The Result

When asked how ForceManager 5500 has improved his work, Noel says “I am more time-efficient as ForceManager reduces the sales process timeline with the intellectual data already embedded in the software.” The automation of mundane tasks and better organization allows PWS to focus on the quality and attention given to prospects and clients.

With ForceManager 5500, our clients across the United States have seen an overall increase of 54% in insights and customer data, 30% time savings from administrative work, and 25% increase in sales activity.