Reliable real-time data makes all the difference

ForceManager is so user-friendly that sellers in the manufacturing industry love to use it (80% of sales reps in the industrial supplies industry use the app daily). This means you’ll finally have the data you need to accurately measure your sales cycle and conversion ratio, as well as get a full understanding of your sales pipeline and the reasons for lost deals.


Maximum efficiency for you and your reps

Since ForceManager automatically records sales activities, reps no longer need to fill out long reports. Even if they work offline, all of their data will show up immediately the moment they regain coverage. This frees up valuable time for sales and relationship-building.


Boost performance with powerful analytics

Through intelligent, automatically-generated reports, ForceManager motivates field sales teams to focus on areas where they could improve. Our powerful analytics tools can help you coach your team to be more efficient and to turn your sales strategy into an executable reality.


Simplify the seller experience with Artificial Intelligence that’s built right into ForceManager

Cognitive 2.0



J.T. Ellis & Co

Founded in 1891, the company designs, manufactures and supplies kitchen and bathroom units throughout the UK.

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