Gulfeagle Supply Gulfeagle

Gulfeagle Supply

Specialist providers of roofing and building materials to roofing contractors, home owners, architects and general contractors with 80 branches throughout the US.

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J. Garcia Carrion

With a presence in more than 130 countries across 5 continents, J García Carrión is a market leader when it comes to beverages, boasting the title of Europe’s first and the world’s fifth most popular winery.

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Fluidra is a multinational group that operates in more than 45 countries, devoted to the development of applications for sustainable water usage.

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Go Vauxhall

Go Vauxhall is one of the leading motor retailers that operates from 9 locations in the UK, employing 325 people with a turnover of £105 million per annum.

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Founded in 1973, AloNovus offers expert-level marketing, design, publishing, and technological business solutions.

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The world's largest dedicated Ford dealer group with 65 locations in the UK. They see sales in excess of £100 million per year to the motor trade in the UK.

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Eurofred is a leading distributor of domestic, commercial and industrial HVAC equipment. They are present in 8 countries including: the UK, Spain, France, Portugal and Italy.

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HUNE is a company dedicated to machinery and self-drive access platform hire for various sectors and relies on an inventory of more than 20,000 units.

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Mútuacat is a non-profit health insurance body that focuses on improving services it offers to its members.

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Bare Metal Standard

Bare Metal Standard is growing into a national network of franchisees that services and cleans kitchen exhaust systems to mitigate fire hazards.

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Leading medical distributor to pharmacies in Spain. Fedefarma was created in 1928 and now works with more than 3,000 partners across seven different warehouses.

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RWC Group

RWC Group is a full service dealership of new and used commercial trucks, busses, and parts in Alaska, Arizona, California, and Washington.

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Klockner is a distributor of dental implants and other related components that aims to help doctors offer high class products to clients throughout each phase of implant treatment.