Introducing Dana AI: Artificial Intelligence to Boost Your Sales

RWC Group

RWC Group is a full service dealership of new and used commercial trucks, busses, and parts in Alaska, Arizona, California, and Washington.

The Challenge

RWC Group is a full service dealership of new and used commercial trucks, busses, and parts in Alaska, Arizona, California, and Washington. They are authorized dealers of International, Isuzu, Hino trucks as well as an Idealease affiliate with a $400m annual revenue.

Prior to ForceManager the RWC Group employed a myriad of sales systems, with individual field reps able to use their own CRM systems like Act!, Zoho and standalone spreadsheets, as well as efforts to implement Saleslogix. However, with none of the sales platforms performing as expected they were forced into a 1 ½ year hiatus without CRM.

“The main issue was usability,” said Josh Schouten, General Manager of New Truck for RWC Group. “Some of the other systems offered great reporting with analysis capabilities beyond what we could ever need, but links would breakdown and reps would have to access through a mobile website which ended up hindering the actual registration of sales activity.”

The Solution

Trying to manage the entire sales process through spreadsheets and Outlook alone proved ineffective and cumbersome, leading the RWC Group to reassess their situation. After some thought it was decided that the number one priority was to focus on a system with high UX.

“We essentially grabbed around 5 different CRM systems, putting them in a room with some of our field sales team and simply asked them ‘which one would you use’,” said Schouten. “The consensus came down that by far ForceManager was the easiest to use, with all of them agreeing to take it forward in the future.”

The mobile aspect of ForceManager also struck home with the RWC Group sales team. Its high UX and ability to be used on or offline lessens the burden of reporting in areas without cellular coverage and allows field reps to log activity regardless of internet connection.

“When the guys who’ve tested the unit say this software is the best one that we’ve seen, I tell you what – when you get buy-in like that, you take it!”

The Result

One aspect of the sales process where a significant improvement has been seen is in the building of deeper client relationships. The intuitive UI makes it quick and easy for field reps to record information straight after a meeting and the benefits were immediately noticeable.

“Remembering certain details about a customer when you walk out, such as their favorite baseball team and being able to quickly note it down in ForceManager is invaluable,” said Erin Lambert, Territory Sales Manager at RWC Group. “Even simple things like remembering family names really helps to strengthen those relationships.”

ForceManager has also improved the tracking of sales activity across the team. Neglected accounts are identified quickly and using the percentage reports, sales managers are able to better direct their resources to the areas in most need.