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Real-time data makes all the difference

ForceManager is extremely easy to use (80% of sales teams use the app daily), meaning they find the app relevant and useful for their day-to-day work. Even if they have to work offline they can still access all relevant sales data. This high usage leads to more and accurate data recorded in the CRM, helping you define a sales strategy, monitor its progress and coach your team to success.


Portfolio coverage like never before

ForceManager helps you optimize portfolio coverage and intelligently distribute activities across your team. They’ll know exactly when they need to visit a customer and what they need to talk about during their visits. With ForceManager, you´ll have your team visiting each client segment with the frequency you choose in no time. More visits equal better relationships.


Cross-Selling is easier than ever

We all know that it’s often easier to cross-sell products to current customers than it is to find new ones, but all too often, this process falls through the cracks. your team might forget to mention your newest product or offer and you’re unlikely to ever notice. But with ForceManager, you can systematize your cross-selling process entirely, ensuring you don’t miss any opportunity to offer the right product to your best clients.


Simplify the seller experience with Artificial Intelligence that’s built right into ForceManager

Cognitive 2.0



Bare Metal Standard

Bare Metal Standard is growing into a national network of franchisees that services and cleans kitchen exhaust systems to mitigate fire hazards.

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