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Most popular video conferencing platforms now integrated

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Streamline your communication efforts. Online calls included

Validated video calls are now integrated throughout the sales process. Connect with your favorite conferencing platform, create, join and review recordings directly within ForceManager – from both desktop and mobile.

Learn how to setup Zoom

Learn how to setup Microsoft Teams


Run your online meetings
directly within your CRM

Get reminders for your upcoming video conference calls and launch them directly within Forcemanager, from your desktop or your mobile app.
All collaborators and contacts added to your event will receive an email invitation with the Zoom or Teams link to access the video conference.


Start each video call
with the right context

Video calls happen in the lead view, so you can take notes in contest, and see your previous interactions, all without leaving the CRM.


Seamlessly connect
video calls to accounts

With this integration, each online meeting is automatically attached to the appropriate account, giving you a unified view of every interaction you and your team had with your customers.
Your recordings are automatically added to your timeline and leads, so you can easily access past online calls and review them with superior context.