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J.T. Ellis & Co

Founded in 1891, the company designs, manufactures and supplies kitchen and bathroom units throughout the UK.

The Challenge

For JT Ellis & Co the initial challenge started with with a lack of sales process visibility and effective data management.

“The sales guys held a lot of information to themselves and we had different people throughout the organization that required data but didn’t have access to it,” said Tom Ellis, Managing Director at JT Ellis & Co.

“We were reliant on people’s memories, reliant on Outlook which left us a little deficient in terms of our data management.

The Solution

With a large field based team it was clear early on that the chosen system would need advanced mobile capabilities. Something that provided more visibility to management yet was user-friendly enough that the field sales team would adopt it.

“The mobility for operating out in the field was really important to us as beforehand there was a bit of a chasm; what happened outside of the business on the road tended to remain that way,” said Ellis. “So we needed something that was going to allow people to operate on phones, iPads and to get access to information in real time but also feed information back to us.”

The Result

ForceManager’s ability to effectively organize client data such as account info, contacts, images and site details has given management previously unattainable insight into the entire sales cycle, from supply right through to installation.

“When we are out doing installations or fitting displays at retailers we can take photos and upload them directly to the corresponding account in ForceManager,” said Ellis.

“Previously this might have been important information that individual sales rep kept to themselves but now they’ve got a way to share that with the rest of the team.”
ForceManager has also had a direct, positive impact on the day to day work of the installation teams.

“I would say it has improved me work massively – I don’t have to duplicate the work when i get home because everything is recorded on the ForceManager app,” said Paul Hillier, Installation Manager at JT Ellis & Co.

“If I need replacements of damaged stock or any shortages I can open up the app and use that information to order it without going through reams and reams of notes.”

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