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Eurofred is a leading distributor of domestic, commercial and industrial HVAC equipment. They are present in 8 countries including: the UK, Spain, France, Portugal and Italy.

The Challenge

In 2014, Eurofred were looking for a way to unify and optimize their sales management process. Sales representatives were reporting from the office at the end of every week whilst also trying to plan future sales visits, printing out on paper the clients they were going to visit.

This made keeping track of team activity very complicated for sales management, since a lot of information was outdated and unstructured, ultimately preventing them from making accurate decisions.

The Solution

Eurofred had one thing clear: “We wanted to follow new guidelines on a reporting level with everyone working from the same system with real-time feedback, freeing up Fridays to catch up with clients,” said Santiago Perera, Director of Business Development at Eurofred Spain & Portugal.

“ForceManager has allowed us to make quick, clear follow-ups and increase the intensity and the channel through which we contact our clients. The quality and time saved on reporting was a fundamental factor when making our decision, too,” adds Perera.

“The application was so easy to integrate with both our CRM and other tools that barely a week later the whole sales department were using ForceManager on a daily basis,” said Vicens Gasol, IT Director at Eurofred.

The Result

Since March 2016 sales teams from Eurofred France and Portugal have also been using ForceManager. The implementation in these countries has been just as smooth. David Gauthier, Sales Director for Eurofred France, highlights the ease of use of the application, which has allowed sales reps to leave Excel spreadsheets behind and report more information in less time; efficiently freeing time for improvement, prospecting and searching for new client.

Eurofred sales reps are very reliant on the application and recognize that it is an easy-to-use tool with a seamless implementation process. A significant increase in sales results has been noted since employing ForceManager, which has certainly contributed to this increase.

“Now the sales department goes that little bit further when it comes to reports, with a noted increase in both quantity and quality. We rely on real-time information even when there is a high volume of activity. Everyone wins, the sales reps optimize their time and from a management perspective we have a clearer vision of how to improve certain processes,” concludes Santiago Perera.