Introducing Dana AI: Artificial Intelligence to Boost Your Sales

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Artificial Intelligence for Sales in Your CRM. Discover AI-powered summaries of key customer data and interactions, AI-insights to accelerate your sales and much more.

Dana AI Operating on Desktop Web Format

Other popular features

Smart Recommendations

Receive alerts that help you streamline sales and tasks. Have you written in a small note that you needed to follow up with a customer? The AI will detect it and suggest to create a reminder so that you'll not forget.

Sales Route Planner

Sync your calendar with the app, and it will recommend the most efficient route for the day. You'll ensure to cover your client portfolio in less time, increasing the number of sales & customer visits.

AI-powered Contextual Information

All the contextual information you need to close your next sale in an intelligent and dynamic dashboard. Meeting details, sales route, and more at a glance.

iOS device with intelligent CRM recommendations for salespeople
Map with commercial route and contextual information in ForceManager CRM for iOS
Contextual information widget in the ForceManager CRM for companies.

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