ForceManager’s improvements for iOS 15

1 min read

As Official Apple Technological partners, one of the main advantages of using ForceManager is every year we improve our iOS app so you can benefit from all the technological advances also at work.

Our latest app release for iOS 15 contains three main new benefits for you: enter data more easily using Live Text, quickly find relevant information with Widgets and longer battery duration.


Live Text

One of the main iOS 15 news is Live Text, which you can use to identify pieces of text with your iPhone’s or iPad’s camera and copy it, translate it… With this, you’ll be able to fill in any ForceManager fields.

Have you taken any hand-written notes? Take a picture, copy the text and add it on your notes on ForceManager. Have you been given a contact card? The app will recognize whether the text is a name, email or phone number so you can add the information in an easy and quick way.



One of the main iOS 15 new features, or more specifically iPad OS 15, are the extra large Widgets. These are widgets made for iPad users to make the most of the iPad’s large screen.

If you use ForceManager from your iPad, with the new XL Widget you’ll have direct access to the app’s main functionalities directly from the home screen. Without having to get inside the app, you’ll be able to check out your goals, see the route to your next meeting’s destination, check-in a visit or even access a video-call.

The best part is the Widget is dynamic, which means its context will change depending on the context or time of the day, so it’ll show you what matters the most to you at any given moment. By default, it will always display your main goals and your calendar for the day. As soon as it detects the time of your next meeting is approaching, the Widget will stop showing you your goals to start displaying the Magic Card with the most relevant information about the account you’re about to meet with, as well as the route to get there or the button to open the Teams or Zoom call.



Finally, the third and last app’s improvement for iOS 15 is the battery consumption reduction, which we have reduced by 30%. We’ve worked really hard on this improvement, to make sure ForceManager keeps up with you and you never have to stop doing what you do best: selling.