Introducing Dana AI Chat: Start the Conversation and Accelerate Your Sales

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In the sales process, it is crucial to have specific information at the right time. It increases the odds of success in client meetings and enables better commercial management decisions. The saying “information is power” holds very true in our field.

To facilitate access to these insights that accelerate deals and make achieving objectives easier, we at ForceManager have just launched Dana AI Chat, which allows you to converse directly with your CRM as if it were a person. You ask what you need to know, and it responds based on the stored information.

This new feature, driven by artificial intelligence, joins the email summary and email response drafting functionalities we recently launched. The goal: to continue offering solutions that accelerate your sales and optimize your team’s performance.

Dana AI Chat is going to be included in all ForceManager plans at no additional cost and will be rolled out gradually for all ForceManager users in the following weeks. Check its live operation in the video we have prepared:

Smart Insight: One Click Away from Key Data

As we mentioned, having the right information when needed is a superpower in sales. This is exactly what Dana AI Chat allows, generating a status report of any client in seconds. Just click and watch the report appear before your eyes.

You’ll be prepared to face a meeting or take the next step in a negotiation, with all key data in mind. All this without the need to review countless emails, reports or relying on external support. In other words, saving time that you can invest in tasks of higher added value.

Continue the Conversation and Get Valuable Insights

The detailed summary is just the first step. Continue the conversation with Dana AI Chat to receive insights about the activities and opportunities registered for each client. How are sales going compared to last year? How many deals have you closed in the last month? What topics did you discuss in the last meeting?

These questions used to require, at minimum, reviewing one or two reports. Now, our artificial intelligence is ready to clear your doubts and help you keep moving forward. Simply speak to it as if it were a person, and you will get a response almost instantly. Amazing, isn’t it?

One more thing. We know how important the visual aspect is when understanding metrics and statistics. That’s why Dana AI Chat also produces interactive graphics for better visualization and understanding of the delivered information.

Go Beyond with Your ERP Integration

Our revolutionary chat for sales leverages ForceManager’s integration with your ERP to enrich its responses and give you a more complete view. For example, telling you which products sold the most during the previous quarter or which generated the most profits.

You will have the crucial information to increase quality interactions with your clients, improve your sales ratios, and solve any issues that arise. You will also be better prepared to promote cross-selling or upsellings.

Artificial Intelligence and ForceManager: A Powerful Combination

Making the work of sales professionals easier and allowing them to focus on higher-value activities has always been ForceManager’s priority. With this in mind, our CRM has launched in recent months WhatsApp integration, Timeline Conversations, and the first functionalities of Dana AI.

Now we are taking another step forward in AI-driven functionalities. As we always say, it will not be the last. In the coming years, we will see technological changes with a huge impact on the sales area, and with ForceManager, you will always be ahead.

Start streamlining your business processes with Dana AI Chat today by starting a 15-day free trial. If you prefer, you can schedule a personalized session with one of our sales and technology specialists, who will show you the key features of our CRM tailored to your business.

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