Timeline Conversations: Connect with Your Sales Team at the Speed of Light 

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In sales, quick and two-way communication can make or break success. Yet in a world with ever-increasing communication channels and tools, centralizing messages and delivering a superior user experience is easier said than done. 

At ForceManager, we’ve embraced this challenge. We are proud to introduce Timeline Conversations, a game-changing feature that keeps your team aligned and laser-focused on their objectives, all within the comfort of your CRM. 

See it in action in this brief video we’ve put together: 

What are Timeline Conversations? 

This innovative feature allows your team to spark discussions around any CRM-logged activity, whether it’s a client visit, email, call, or even a WhatsApp message. All these conversations are neatly stored within ForceManager’s Activities section, creating easily sortable and filterable conversation threads. 

Imagine this: a Sales Director reviews a sales rep’s CRM-recorded client visit and wishes to provide feedback. Now, there’s no need for a separate communication tool – a comment can be left right there and in real-time. The sales rep is notified instantly and can act on it immediately. It’s that simple. 

By enhancing communication efficiency, your team is going to be better positioned to attract new customers and nurture existing ones. You can find all the specific details in our Knowledge Base.

Boost Your Sales Coaching and Collaboration to Hyperspeed 

As with any new feature we roll out, user feedback is our guiding star. It not only shapes the design but also influences its continuous improvement. Here are some of the benefits our users have already started to experience with Timeline Conversations: 

  • Fewer errors and misunderstandings. Now, it only takes seconds to send a message that instantly lands in the receiver’s inbox. Change course of action, correct mistakes, or provide guidelines right where the activity is logged.  
  • Sales coaching in real time. The ability to give clear guidance instantly, share real-time suggestions, recognize achievements, provide immediate feedback, and perform agile mentoring is priceless. Your sales team – and your sales results – will thank you.  
  • Bridging Departmental Silos: Sales victories aren’t just one team’s triumph, they’re an enterprise-wide achievement. Improving the flow of communication between sales and all other departments paves the way for successful outcomes and shared celebration. 
Screenshoot Timeline Conversations

Key Features of Timeline Conversations 

Let’s take a closer look at what makes Timeline Conversations tick:  

Messages from the Activity section

You can now send messages directly from the Activities section. Filter by date, user, or type of activity to zero in on the actions that matter.

Harness the Power of Mentions 

Tag colleagues in a conversation to keep them in the loop. You’ll also receive notifications when you’re mentioned, ensuring no one is left out during a sales process. 

Don’t Miss a Beat with Notifications 

Each new comment triggers a notification. Whether you’re browsing the web app or checking your email, you’ll get an alert. A simple click will take you directly to the latest comment in the conversation thread.  

List, Sort, Filter: Power at Your Fingertips 

Timeline Conversations offers powerful sorting and search filters, enabling you to create lists of comments or search for content, topics, and participants within any thread. 

Plus, you can instantly spot conversations with unread comments, thanks to our color-coded system. Use sorting filters to separate new comment threads from the ones you’ve already read. 

ForceManager CRM: Fast-Track to Stellar Sales Performance 

With the advent of Timeline Conversations, ForceManager is accelerating its mission to be the indispensable ally for sales professionals around the globe. Armed with our cutting-edge internal communication system, you’re poised to transcend the greatest sales coaching challenges and rocket your results into the stratosphere! 

Not a ForceManager user yet? Discover its power to boost your sales with a free 15-day trial. Or, request a personalized session with one of our tech-savvy sales specialists, ready to spotlight the unique ways our CRM can be tailored to supercharge your business. 

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