Dana AI: Artificial Intelligence to Boost Your Sales

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Managing key details of customer conversations and shortening response times have always been crucial challenges for sales departments. Achieving this is not always easy, due to the volume of communications we receive every day by email and the fast-paced nature of sales teams. Until now.

At ForceManager, we have always strived to provide solutions that accelerate your sales and optimize your team’s performance. Today, we take it a step further with the launch of Dana AI, the artificial intelligence integrated into our CRM that will boost your salespeople’s performance beyond your imagination.

The first version of Dana AI, becoming available to all ForceManager users at no additional cost in the coming weeks, includes email management and optimization features that were considered science fiction until recently. Check out its live functionality in this video we have prepared:

Executive Summary and Chronological Email Summary

As mentioned earlier, handling and organizing all the information that salespeople typically manage is not an easy task. Conversations often span over time, with periods of greater and lesser activity and various participants coming and going.

To facilitate this work by reducing time, avoiding errors, and enabling more effective communication, Dana AI includes two options for summarizing email threads, no matter how long, convoluted, or detailed they may be:

  • Executive Summary: In just a few seconds, Dana AI can generate a brief and clear text with the essential points of a business conversation. Check the status of the process with a specific client at a glance, identify the participants, and see the key dates of the negotiation.
  • Chronological Summary: This other summary model, particularly useful in long and complex sales processes, synthesizes the entire conversation and presents it on a timeline. This way, you can accurately know each step and the date it occurred.

Drafting Email Response Drafts

According to global strategic consultancy McKinsey & Company, employees spend a third of our workday managing email. Much of that time is spent responding to the hundreds of emails we receive each week.

This Dana AI feature drafts responses to your emails in the blink of an eye. It does so based on the information received and maintains a professional tone that will help you close more sales. Just copy the generated text to your email client, edit as needed, and send.

Dana AI is also available in Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook users are in luck. All the features we just explained are available directly in their inbox thanks to the ForceManager add-on for this solution.

Users simply need to select one of these options in the section displayed by default to the right of their screen to use the executive summary, chronological summary, or draft response creation.

Artificial Intelligence and ForceManager: This is Just the Beginning

Facilitating the work of salespeople with a solution that helps them sell more and better has always been in ForceManager’s DNA. Our CRM includes features such as automatic registration of business information, check-in of visits, and voice note-taking, which is very useful for summarizing meetings. Dana AI now joins these features.

But, as we said, this is just the beginning. Our team continues to work on developing AI-powered features that will be essential in this new technological era. Significant changes are coming to the sales area, and with ForceManager, you’ll always be ahead.

Start streamlining your sales processes with Dana AI today by starting a 15-day free trial. If you prefer, you can schedule a personalized session with one of our sales and technology specialists, who will show you the key features of our CRM adapted to your business.

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