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Paul Group

The Paul Group is an automotive service group located in the region of Passau, Germany. Founded more than 200 years ago, the Paul Group today is also a top reference in the automotive sector for digitalized business processes.

The Challenge

Founded over 200 years ago in Vilshofen an der Donau in Germany, the Paul Group today has over 500 employees. The group has developed over the time to a competent multi-brand partner for trucks, vans and buses of the brands Mercedes-Benz, Setra and MAN commercial vehicles. In that field, the Paul Group has reached regional leadership. With Insisto, the Paul Group also has its own software subsidiary and with Paul Nutzfahrzeuge a Europe-wide market leader in the field of special vehicle construction. The chassis specialists from Paul carry out over 1000 chassis conversions, axle modifications, frame extensions and special configurations of commercial vehicles every year.

In the course of the Paul Group’s digital strategy, both sales reps, service consultants and mechanics in the dealership will primarily use mobile apps for all tasks in the future. For the sales area, the Paul Group needs a CRM system that provides the maximum benefit and the maximum customer information for the sales staff in their respective contextual situation. At the same time, it is important to ensure that a CRM solution provides a mobile app that is easy to use and uncomplicated for the sales reps.

The Solution

Because of the established sales processes at the Paul Group in the commercial vehicle sector, a very easy way to enter and to access customer information anytime and everywhere is a must for the sales reps. Therefore the perfect usability of the CRM’s mobile app is a precondition for the Paul Group for choosing a new system.


The Result

Before implementing ForceManager, the employees at Paul always had to open their laptops to use their CRM system, whether they were in the car on their way to the customer or in a meeting with the customer. For that, they were dependent on an internet connection for calling up customer data or entering new information into the system.

Now we have relevant customer data for our reps available at any time and anywhere. Online or offline. That is a huge advantage.

The mobile usage of the CRM system increases the user ratios of the system considerably. The result is that the reps use the CRM system much more intensely than before and therefore also enter more data from the sales process into the system, which can then be evaluated. The improved data situation results in more valid analyzes for the management. Based on this, management decisions can then be made in a more solid and in-depth manner.

“I think you have to say goodbye to old ways of thinking. I see ForceManager here as a solution that is already going very far. And I am sure that we are well-positioned with it as our CRM” concluded Bernhard Wasner, Paul Group CEO.