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The Challenge

Klockner is a distributor of dental implants and other related components that aims to help doctors offer high class products to clients throughout each phase of implant treatment. Founded in 1987, Klockner is a pioneer in the dental implantology sector with facilities in Spain and Portugal and a network of over 30 professionals.

Prior to implementing ForceManager, Klockner field sales reps used an internal reporting system which was neither automated nor capable of providing data in real-time. Very few reps were engaging with the system and consequently, very little data was being fed back into the system. It was also difficult for reps to extract valuable information about their upcoming visits.

All this made it difficult to improve and optimize sales processes. It was hard to keep track of individual accounts to ensure they were efficiently followed up and the correct attention was given.

“ForceManager has helped significantly in bridging the gap between sales strategy and implementation”

Daniel Diez - Klockner CEO, Klockner CEO

The Solution

“ForceManager has helped significantly in bridging the gap between sales strategy and implementation” says Daniel Diez, Klockner CEO.The company is now able to access personalized reports and see which products are the biggest sellers for individual accounts.

“Thanks to ForceManager, we can now focus on cross-selling and up-selling, which has greatly improved results for the company.

It has also enabled us to collect much more data from our doctors.”ForceManager was implemented in such a way that Klockner is now able to quickly access all sales cross-referenced with activities so that reps can be evaluated not just based on their sales, as was customary, but also on a breakdown of their commercial activities (visits, emails, etc.).

Diez confirms that “ForceManager has helped us make strategic decisions in order to best support our sales teams and help them improve their overall results”.

The Result

Diez explains that Klockner opted for ForceManager as the product was ideally suited to their field sales reps as they required a “user-friendly and mobile” tool.

Since implementing ForceManager, far more field sales reps are engaging with the system. This has led to higher data input, increased horizontal and vertical efficiency and as a result, increased sales thanks to the prioritizing of cross-selling and up-selling activities, something that was previously impossible.