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The Challenge

The sales process at J. García Carrión revolves around visiting as many prospective and current customers as possible and offering them its products. Salespeople are tasked with spending most of their days out of the office and visiting potential and current customers. It is the salespeople who manage the sales process from initial contact to the final sale negotiation. Following the negotiation, management needs to approve the terms of the deal.

Before ForceManager, J. García Carrión was using a mixture of Excel spreadsheets and an ERP system to keep track of the different salespeople and their clients. The system made it difficult to gain any insight into the different salespeople and their clients as the system was reactive and had limited information.

J. García Carrión began searching for a solution. Mr. Granado explains, “We needed a system that would help management as well as the salespeople. As management, we wanted to gain visibility of the sales process. For the salespeople, we wanted to give them a tool that would help them sell and, at the same time, for it not be a system where they had to spend time away from selling to fill out forms.”

"Besides being an easy-to-use application and bringing us the visibility we sought, we have increased the number of prospective and current customer visits. We are highly satisfied and our salespeople are happy."

Mario Granado, Director of Administration and Management Control

The Solution

When considering the different solutions on the market, J. García Carrión chose ForceManager for its visibility and simplicity.

ForceManager has been designed to bring visibility to the sales process, specifically targeting salespeople who are constantly out of the office. For J. García Carrión, ForceManager keeps a record of both emails and phone calls made by the salespeople to prospective and current clients. Then, ForceManager is equipped with a “check-in” feature whereby salespeople can register a visit while being geo-located at the client’s address. In addition, salespeople can make notes after meetings or phone calls to accurately reflect what was said so that information is available for later use.

When Mr. García Carrión considered the different options, it was important that the winning solution be simple to use. They did not wish to have a complex application where salespeople would need to spend too much of their day filling out online forms. ForceManager’s simplicity comes from its intuitive user design and automatic reporting capabilities. Once ForceManager is installed, the reporting is carried out automatically. Furthermore, users can easily add any information they wish at any time, from any location and from any device.

The Result

Since implementing ForceManager, J. García Carrión’s results speak for themselves.

ForceManager has brought complete visibility to the sales process. Today, management can look at the information provided by ForceManager to see exactly what is happening on the ground and use this visibility to meet with their salespeople and ascertain where improvements can be made. In addition, ForceManager has given peace of mind when hiring new salespeople. They know that the new salesperson will have a record of all the previous interactions between García Carrión and the client so that they can seamlessly continue the work of the previous salesperson.

The salespeople initially perceived ForceManager as a means of control implemented by management. However, once they started using the application, they realised that it is a valuable tool for the sales process. Today, in preparation for sales meetings, they can log onto ForceManager to view the client’s relevant information and determine how to approach the sale.

Mr. Granado claims that ForceManager’s benefits are tangible. He affirms, “Besides being an easy-to-use application and bringing us the visibility we sought, we have increased the number of prospective and current customer visits. We are highly satisfied and our salespeople are happy.”