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The Challenge

Fluidra’s sales process began with a large database of current and potential customers. At the beginning of each sales cycle, salespeople were given a portfolio of 180 to 250 clients they had to prospect, sell to and follow up with throughout the year. Most of these sales visits take place at either the client’s office or the project site. Each salesperson’s level of portfolio coverage is ultimately what determined the sales team’s success.

Before using ForceManager, Fluidra was working with a typical tailor-made CRM system. On completing the day’s sales calls and visits, the salespeople had to input the data into the system. Said data was static and standard and, in return, the reports produced by the CRM system were of little value to Fluidra. Furthermore, the salespeople viewed the CRM system as a stumbling block due to its complexity and the amount of time it took to update.

Not only was this system a nuisance for the salespeople but it did not provide management with any useful information either. The biggest challenge that Fluidra faced with this system was that it provided no visibility as regards to the activity of its salespeople or their portfolio coverage.

"Thanks to ForceManager, we have been able to boost our sales efficiency by increasing our portfolio coverage by 68%. We also have reduced the need for cross-business-unit communication that is unproductive."

Josep Maria Piera, Director of European Operations,

The Solution

ForceManager’s efficiency, including its ability to monitor and assist in portfolio coverage selling, its pyramid reporting capability and its provision of visibility of all contact with clients, convinced Fluidra to adopt the system.

ForceManager has several features that can be used to monitor and assist salespeople in portfolio coverage selling. Prospective customers and clients can be classified into categories based on customised criteria, which allows salespeople to focus on the most important segments. The application keeps logs of every time contact is made with a customer, so which clients have been contacted and when can be seen at a glance. In addition, ForceManager alerts the sales teams when too much time has elapsed since client contact was last made.

For organisations with several salespeople and many hierarchical levels, ForceManager is able to generate specific reports for each person. For Fluidra, ForceManager generates a personalised report for each employee every Friday. This report gives each level of the hierarchy an insight into how their people are performing and helps them rapidly identify where they need to invest their time and attention.

Fluidra’s business is separated into several business units, each with their own sales team. In many cases, two or three business units serve the same client, resulting in constant and time-consuming inter-business communication. ForceManager provides the solution by making all the relevant information available to those who need it.

The Result

ForceManager has brought visibility and structure to Fluidra’s selling process, which has led to greater coverage of each salesperson’s portfolio.

Using ForceManager, Fluidra’s selling process starts by segmenting the different prospective customers and customers in the portfolio. A formal follow-up procedure is subsequently established, which defines the minimum number of contacts that salespeople need to have with each segment. When each salesperson receives his or her portfolio, they already know which customers need to be contacted more often. In addition, Fluidra is able to set a limit on the time dedicated by a salesperson to any single account. Finally, every week, each member of Fluidra’s sales department receives a customised report that compares their current performance with that of last year and the current budget.

According to Mr. Piera, “Thanks to ForceManager, we have been able to boost our sales efficiency by increasing our portfolio coverage by 68%. We also have reduced the need for cross-business-unit communication that is unproductive.”

As for ForceManager’s mobility and reporting, Mr. Piera asserts, “Since salespeople take notes immediately after meetings on their tablets, reporting has been easy and life-like. This gives management a better insight and enables us to provide help where necessary in order to sell more.”