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The Challenge

Due to rapid expansion and growth, the sales team at Gulfeagle Supply were forced to review their sales management system. Although effective when operating on a smaller scale, pen and paper soon gave way to technology as the team looked for greater visibility throughout their field sales operation.

“Most of the sales guys grew up the old-fashioned way, using a day timer and as we expanded it just seemed natural that we would outgrow this old way of doing things,” said Brad Resch, President of Gulfeagle Supply.

“So that’s when we sought out a better way of doing it, helping the field sales reps manage their own schedule.”

"It really gets to the point and keeps track of all the vital sales information, before after and during the sales call."

Phil Harvey, Vice President of Sales at Gulfeagle Supply

The Solution

After researching several CRM providers, Gulfeagle Supply chose ForceManager for it’s ease-of-use and high adoption rates amongst their field sales team.

We liked ForceManager because it’s so streamlined; our sales guys don’t get bogged down when trying to enter data or navigate the system,” said Phil Harvey, Vice President of Sales at Gulfeagle Supply. “It really gets to the point and keeps track of all the vital sales information before, after and during the sales call.”

The Result

The positive feedback we’ve received since the implementation of ForceManager has been overwhelming, especially from the sales management team as they now have greater visibility on their sales process.

“You can’t travel with your sales reps every day and you’re lucky if you can get out on a call with them once a month,” said Harvey. “With ForceManager you can see how many new accounts have been created, how many new prospects were visited all from the application.”

And it’s not just the managers who are happy with ForceManager. The application’s intuitive design layout means it excels where most CRMs fall short – user adoption rates.

“It’s only second nature to pull out a phone or iPad and our sales guys are finding it extremely useful to organize their schedule and put reminders in their calendars regarding follow-ups,” said Resch.

“They are able to review the best available next steps for an upcoming visit and I think the best thing is all this data is available to them, neatly packaged right there from the application.”

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