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Grant Sales Reps access Campaigns

Grant sales reps access to campaigns

Provide sales reps with a complete overview of their campaign progress. Under the accounts tab they will be able to view who received, opened or clicked on an email.

Marketing is part of the Sales Activity

Marketing aligned with activity timeline

All campaigns are registered within the Activity timeline of ForceManager so reps are aware of the last “touch” the client or prospect had with the brand.

Make sure Sales Reps use your latest Documents

Sales reps have access to the latest documents

By using our centralized document storage systems each sales rep can access the latest marketing presentations and brochures. Digital documents are an excellent way of equipping your salespeople with the tools they need to convey your brand image to customers.

Use Sales Information to nurture the right people

Nurturing leads

Use the segmentation available in ForceManager to trigger laser-focused campaigns to the right prospects or clients with a few clicks.

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Your next-gen CRM

Your next-gen CRM

All the sales information you need on a smart and reliable mobile app that super-powers your day to day activities.

Born mobile

Born mobile

Access all the sales information you need on a smart, fast and reliable application built for the mobile-first world we live in.

Voice reporting

Voice reporting

Reporting has never been easier. Try our new voice-activated, AI assistant to update account details in less than 10 seconds.