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ForceManager 5500, Get Ready for the Recovery

Chuck Hammond, Chief Digital Officer and Co-Founder at The 401(k) Study Group® discusses the importance of relationships to stay competitive in the 401(k) space in 2021.  

3 min read

ForceManager and ERISApedia launch ForceManager 5500

ForceManager 5500, the first Sales Enablement tool to combine plan data intelligence with a robust CRM

3 min read

4 Ways Sales Teams Can Secure Their Data While Remote

One of the most important aspects for any business transitioning to remote work is ensuring that all data remains safe and secure.

4 min read

Team of Warriors | ForceManager Behind the Scenes

At ForceManager, we are very proud of how our talent has led to the change caused by the current situation and has managed to adapt and give their best. What objective do we have?

1 min read

ForceManager participates in the creation of ‘Asistencia COVID-19’ App

What can citizens do during a crisis like this one? That was the driving question for most citizens on March 14th after the country declared a state of alarm to control the spread of COVID-19 and cope with the mounting public health emergency. 

4 min read

COVID-19 update to ForceManager clients and partners

We are committed to keeping you informed about events or circumstances that could affect our relationship with customers.

1 min read

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The Definitive 4-Step Sales Strategy Execution Guide

It’s time to put theory into practice with this updated, 4-step sales strategy execution guide for sales managers and directors.

12 min read

The #1 B2B Sales Strategy Explained Step by Step

This B2B sales strategy provides an in-depth understanding of a customer’s business, enabling sales teams to align solutions with actual needs.

13 min read

How to Build a Sales Strategy Plan for Your Business

Follow this 5-step template to develop the perfect sales strategy plan for your business and significantly boost your team’s revenue.

14 min read

5 Reasons You’ll Want to Take Your Field Sales Team Mobile

360-degree visibility, real-time data, optimization of working time…what else can you ask from your CRM? Check out this infographic for more info!

2 min read

AI Sales Enablement with Artificial Intelligence Expert Miquel Segarra

AI sales enablement has become somewhat of a buzzword recently, but what is it exactly? What does AI sales enablement mean?

10 min read

Software for Sales Reps and Deciding on a Solution for Your Team

13 min read

Sales Force Automation Technology and CRM: What’s the Difference?

Sales force automation technology and CRM are often confused for the same thing, so what’s the difference? Which better serves your needs?

7 min read

Digital Transformation in Insurance: How One Provider Got it Right

7 min read

How to Hire the Best Sales Reps for Your Team

To get the commercial profile you are looking for you need to follow the three-step formula proven by the expert M. Roberge

10 min read

CRM Manufacturing Software and Selecting the Right Tool for Your Team

The best CRM software for manufacturing teams caters to both the needs of salespeople and management to help boost quarterly revenue figures.

8 min read