Sales Digitization

Dana AI Business Card Scanner: Turn Your Business Cards into CRM Contacts

Harness the power of Artificial Intelligence to turn your business cards into valuable digital contacts in seconds.

3 min read

Timeline Conversations: Connect with Your Sales Team at the Speed of Light 

We are proud to introduce Timeline Conversations, a game-changing feature that keeps your team aligned and laser-focused on their objectives.

4 min read

How to convert Leads collected via HubSpot Form in ForceManager accounts

Via HubSpot and Zapier you can easily create your form and stick it to ForceManager, to skip the process of inserting manually those leads into the CRM.

9 min read

4 Ways Sales Teams Can Secure Their Data While Remote

One of the most important aspects for any business transitioning to remote work is ensuring that all data remains safe and secure.

4 min read

10 Best Practices for Insurance Sales Teams

Discover the quick tips & customizations to make your CRM more effective than ever during the COVID-19 outbreak.

2 min read

How Does Artificial Intelligence and Automation Improve Sales Team Performance?

Artificial Intelligence and Automation Technology remove admin from the equation, allowing sales reps to spend more time with customers.

2 min read

5 Reasons You’ll Want to Take Your Field Sales Team Mobile

360-degree visibility, real-time data, optimization of working time…what else can you ask from your CRM? Check out this infographic for more info!

2 min read

AI Sales Enablement with Artificial Intelligence Expert Miquel Segarra

AI sales enablement has become somewhat of a buzzword recently, but what is it exactly? What does AI sales enablement mean?

10 min read

Software for Sales Reps and Deciding on a Solution for Your Team

13 min read

Sales Force Automation Technology and CRM: What’s the Difference?

Sales force automation technology and CRM are often confused for the same thing, so what’s the difference? Which better serves your needs?

7 min read

Digital Transformation in Insurance: How One Provider Got it Right

7 min read

CRM Implementation: 5 Things to Consider Before You Get Started

9 min read