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A mobile CRM that helps your field sales team, close deals

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What is ForceManager?

The all-in-one sales accelerator solution

It’s a Mobile CRM

Which means field reps can access, upload, or consult customer data on the go.

That’s easy to use

Incredibly easy to navigate, it’s one of the few CRM that field reps will actually use.

Gives you real-time data

Our high user adoption numbers give you accurate, real-time data on which to base your decisions.

And pipeline management

With a 360° overview of your entire sales process, from prospection right down to deal closure.

Which industries do we work with?


Build a top-performing sales team

ForceManager has achieved more than 75% of daily use thanks to a mobile solution adapted to the sector that increases visibility and results. What makes us different?

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Boost your sales team performance

Have access to all the information you need including portfolio coverage, policies and real-time interactions between you and your brokers, agencies or agents.

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Other industries

Select the best option for your team

Whether your working in insurance, beauty, retail, or any other industry with a field sales team, then ForceManager is the solution for you.

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Invest in the efficiency, productivity, and optimization of your field sales team

75% User adoption rate

Designed 100% for mobile

Implemented in less than 6 weeks

Data Security

Data Security

Keep your data private, safe and accessible at all times thanks to the best procedures and practices of ForceManager.

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