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Empower your sales team with a mobile CRM to help them go further.

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ForceManager provides field sales teams with the perfect tool for capturing information on the go. Access critical information and improve your fields sales now with the help of relevant contextual information while on the go.



A planning system for sales campaigns and follow-up meetings that provides your sales team with a compass to navigate and prioritize their next opportunity. Always be on top of what really matters.



Data insights for effective coaching. Help your sales team gain insights on sales execution, prepare for the next step, and spot what’s going on in the field before its too late.

ForceManager works as

An Easy-To-Integrate Solution

ForceManager can be integrated with any CRM or system you have in place. Making your backend solutions more actionable, and finally working for you.

A Complete Solution

ForceManager can work as an all-in-one solution for your sales team. Customise it to fit all your needs, increase sales activity, and with it, your results.


ForceManager Integrations

Use ForceManager for

Customer Acquisition

Customer Acquisition has never been easier

Provide your team with the right tool to manage and distribute new leads and pipeline opportunities.

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Customer Growth

Get more from your customer base

Well-served clients means greater loyalty, and greater consumption. Attend to your clients as they deserve and they will reward you.

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Channel Management

Get along with your channel

If you take care of your channel it will take care of you. Make a correct channel monitoring, meet their needs and give them the service required. It is critical for your distribution channels to consider you as their preferred solution.

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The all-in-one
sales accelerator solution

The all-in-one sales accelerator solution

Contextual proactive assistant

Everything you need when you need it, and at your fingertips.


Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, ForceManager helps you in your day to day, anticipating your needs.

Activity focused

Not losing focus is crucial – We focus on activity, results, and therefore, sales.

Mind blowing

With each solution comes theĀ adoptionĀ problem, ForceManager does not carry such risk, 80% of our users use us, daily.

Data Security

Data Security

Keep your data private, safe and accessible at all times thanks to the best procedures and practices of ForceManager.

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