Sales Productivity

How to notify new ForceManager opportunities in Slack

In this guide, we will see an easy example in which we connect ForceManager with Slack.

6 min read

Why Setting Goals is a Must For Sales Coaching

Sales goals are what allows managers to measure performance and determine if their coaching plan is on track or needs adjusting.

1 min read

4 Tried and Tested Strategies to Improve Sales Productivity in Your Team

Sales productivity is boosted by increasing a team’s sales effectiveness and sales efficiency, giving managers greater output, for less.

17 min read

Closing Deals That Make a Difference

A tried and tested formula for closing deals that make the rest of the field sales team absolutely sick to the stomach with envy.

13 min read

Functions of a Sales Executive: Crunching the Numbers

10 min read

5 Sales Lessons Learned From a First Date

Nurturing a relationship with clients can sometimes feel like your playing the dating game, should I call, should I text, should I wait?

5 min read

How To Improve Sales Through a Clearly Defined UVP

8 min read

Want to Stop Losing Time Driving Between Sales Visits?

±1 min read

How to Create a Business Card That Doesn’t Get Thrown Away

±1 min read

7 Common Mistakes that Could Cost You a Sale…and How to Avoid them!

These 7 common sales mistakes are the bane of field sales reps, so it’s time to identify them and find a solution to overcome them.

±1 min read

Grab your Prospect’s Attention in the First Call (so they don’t hang up within 30 seconds)

±1 min read

Keep Calm and Sell More

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