Data Security

We take data protection very seriously.

We understand that both information security management and data privacy are important to you and your team. That’s why we’ve gone the extra mile to ensure we meet these expectations.

ForceManager is officially ISO 27001 certified.

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What does that mean?

The ISO 27001 is the best-available standard for providing an information security management system (ISMS) for sensitive data such as: financial information; intellectual property; employee details or other personal data. It is a sturdy, well-established framework from which ForceManager can build out its security policy and procedures to ensure any security breach will be guarded against with utmost diligence. Through a checklist of controls and risk management assessments, the ISO security standard provides a set of flexible security regulations which can be updated, adapted and enforced over time, meaning that constantly evolving security threats are met head-on, with minimum fuss.

Security Certification

ForceManager utilizes Amazon Web Services (AWS) for the storage of all its cloud data. The AWS infrastructure was built to house some of the most security sensitive information from high-level customers worldwide. Trust us, your data is in safe hands here.

Network Security

Through AWS, we are able to provide privacy settings and network access services such as:

  • Built-in firewalls that allow for the creation of private networks and access within AWS.
  • Encryption in transit with TLS across all services.
  • Customized connections from office or on-site premises.
  • DDoS mitigation technologies are enabled to help with content strategy delivery.

Access Securit

Access to data is restricted by the following:

  • The AWS network is separated from the Amazon corporate network. This means there’s a completely different set of credentials and processes to access the system including SSH key authentication through a bastion host and the use of an MFA token.
  • Access to the site is controlled through an RDFI card and around-the-clock door security.
  • Visitor Wi-Fi is run off a separate network to that of the employees.
  • Authorized staff must pass two-factor authentication, twice a day to access any data floor.

Physical Security

Both the ForceManager headquarters and AWS are guarded against any form of physical attack, whether by criminal or environmental means:

  • Power: The AWS data hub runs off uninterruptable power supply (UPS) resulting in the preservation of all vital loads in the facility from any form of electrical outage.
  • Fire: As well as fire detection and suppression equipment stored throughout the facility, the data hubs are protected by wet-pipe, interlocked or vapour sprinkler systems.
  • Climate control: The data centre is stored in optimal atmospheric conditions.
  • Decommission: All decommissioned magnetic storage devices are stripped down and physically destroyed to prevent access by unauthorized personnel.
  • The ForceManager installation is protected by an alarm system, backed up with 24/7 CCTV footage.


AWS security monitoring tools help identify several forms of attack:

  • IP spoofing: The firewall infrastructure prevents any IP or MAC address other than its own to be permitted.
  • Port Scanning: Any unauthorized port scan is investigated immediately.
  • DDoS: The AWS’s networks are structured to negate any form of DDoS attacks.
  • ForceManager adopts additional security checks to ensure data security throughout the application and strict checks against employees. This involves the use of strong encryption techniques for data security and fine-grained authorization for data access control.
  • All data flow over the network needs to be secured in order to prevent leakage of sensitive information. This involves the use of strong network traffic encryption techniques such as Secure Socket Layer [SSL]
  • The access, storage, and processing of sensitive data is carefully controlled and governed under regulations such as ISO-27001.