10 Best Practices for Insurance Sales Teams

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In a time of global uncertainty, it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture. What makes Insurance different than other industries is the pivotal role the industry plays during times of economic stress by helping businesses and consumers manage risks and protect against losses.

To keep morale strong, and help teams stay better connected, we’ve compiled a list of best practices and tips for how Insurance teams can use ForceManager to thrive at home.

Consider it your cheat sheet to boost productivity and help you stay focused on the big picture.

10 Best Practices for Sales Teams

  1. Recognize productivity across your team by encouraging reps to use the CRM every day. We are seeing an increase in daily active usage by enterprise customers and encourage this as a best practice across the vertical.
  2. Switch users to the Web App version. Reach out to your customer success rep if you need training or a refresh on to get the most out of the solution on desktop.
  3. Adapt activity labels to represent remote working ie, create activity categories for customer phone calls, video conferences, team meetings or online demos.
  4. Create new goals for your team that respect the pandemic and change the mindset from offense to defense ie, clean your sales pipeline, sign up for virtual webinars, research the competition.
  5. Make sure communications are being read. Set up NewsManager to improve the flow of information. The premium add-on is free for customers to help cope with COVID-19.
  6. Use ForceManager as a GTD done (Get Things Done!). Change the check-in button for ‘new task’ and hit check-out when the task is complete!
  7. Elevate team meetings with data-driven reports – have each rep prepare a mini pitch to outline recently converted leads, and sales wins. Use data in the CRM to coach and empower your team.
  8. If your video conferencing or other network technologies can’t handle the load, explore technology solutions that can. We highly recommend Zoom, to keep you connected wherever you are.
  9. COVID-19 has taught us that there’s no room for companies resisting digital transformation. Take the time (you never had) to review your strategy and tweak accordingly.
  10. Most importantly define how you’ll stand up for customers. Look for ways to show compassion to drive longterm loyalty to your product and brand. Coach your team to do the same so you build relationships during the confinement.

BONUS! The ForceManager, professional services team, is hosting office hours to help you with training, and quick customizations to pivot your team online. Just ask your success manager!

It’s important to keep an eye on the end game during a crisis. Sure, it’s daunting to the think of the effects that the global pandemic will have on the economy, but the Insurance industry is uniquely positioned to bounce back. Use this time to digitize, create empathy with customers, and refine performance expectations to maintain a motivated team.

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