How 401(k) advisors can use ForceManager 5500 to streamline their sales and marketing

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Be honest. How are you currently tracking retirement plan leads and opportunities?

Is it on a cobbled-together system of Excel sheets and handwritten notes? Or maybe you spent hours customizing an expensive CRM — only to realize it still doesn’t work exactly how you need it to.

Maybe the whole process is so frustrating and time-consuming that you’ve given up and are just hoping for the best. (No judgment, we’ve all been there.)

No matter how you’re tracking — or not tracking — leads and opportunities, ForceManager 5500 will make it faster and easier for you to manage your pipeline.

It’s the first solution designed exclusively for advisors who want to grow their retirement plan business, streamline their sales process and drive more revenue for their organization.

So much more than “just” a CRM

ForceManager 5500 includes all of the features you’d expect from a CRM. But it does so much more than just organize customer information and track marketing activities.

Because it was designed with the needs of retirement plan advisors in mind, it includes a host of industry-specific tools that make your job faster, easier and more profitable.

Here are a few of our customers’ favorite features.

Embedded 5500 data and plan reports

ForceManager 5500 comes pre-populated with robust 5500 data and plan reports from ERISApedia, our exclusive data provider. The reports are updated monthly, ensuring you have the most up-to-date data available.

Dig into the industry reports to locate plan sponsors, access their contact information and contact them directly from the app. Quick access to plan analytics and benchmarking data makes it easy to segment and analyze plan sponsors and build a smarter prospect list.

Mobile-first design

We know how important it is to have access to 5500 plan data when you’re in the field. That’s why we partnered with Apple (yes, that Apple) to make it easy for you to access, upload and consult plan information directly from your smartphone.

The app works on any iOS or Android device. You can also access it from your tablet or PC.

Instead of being tied to your laptop or desktop, ForceManager 5500’s sleek and beautiful interface allows you to view contacts, track opportunities and access 5500 plan information from your home, office or wherever work takes you.

Integrated, fully loaded maps

The cornerstone of ForceManager 5500 is our map functionality, which allows you to easily visualize the prospects in your territory. Use this powerful tool to drive more strategic marketing initiatives, including events, mail campaigns and office visits.

The maps also come in handy when you’re in the field. If a call gets canceled last-minute, pull out ForceManager 5500, start tapping and see if another sponsor is located nearby. You can also use the map feature to find potential customers to visit on your drive home or back to the office.

Easier, more powerful customer engagement tools

Become a better marketer with ForceManager 5500’s built-in customer engagement features. We make it easy to track, monitor and engage with leads — without having to leave the app.

Contact leads directly from ForceManager 5500. Then use our intuitive voice-to-text technology to quickly log meeting notes, record action items and set up follow-up appointments.

ForceManager 5500 then acts as your personal sales assistant, sending meeting alerts and other important reminders. The app also includes free out-of-the-box integration with Mailchimp, empowering you to set up email campaigns that automate your sales process.

Plan warnings

Independent reports from ERISApedia make it fast and easy to see if a plan has potential issues. No need to dig through the data. ForceManager 5500 helps you quickly understand a plan’s shortcomings and use this powerful insight to your advantage.

Build trust with potential customers by helping them understand how missing features and other problems might affect their members. Clients will see you as more than an advisor. You’re someone who wants the best for their entire organization.

Instant Zoom and Microsoft Teams integration

COVID-19 has resulted in a seismic shift in how the world does business. Today’s plan sponsors are more comfortable jumping on video calls and collaborating online.

We make it easy for you to meet leads where they are by integrating the latest video-conferencing technology in the ForceManager 5500 interface. Place Zoom and Microsoft Teams calls directly from the app. With just a few clicks, you’ll be able to meet with clients down the street and around the state.

Quick and easy setup

We know you don’t have the time or energy to customize and install a complicated CRM. ForceManager 5500 comes preloaded with all of the information you need. It’s ready to use right out of the box, making it faster and easier than ever for 401(k) advisors to streamline their sales and marketing process.

To see how ForceManager 5500 can work for you, schedule a demo today.