GoalManager: Lead Your Sales Team with Personalized Sales Targets

2 min read

We all know the importance of setting specific, measurable, achievable, results-driven and time-bound sales goals, otherwise known as SMART goals. But are you aware of the potential effectiveness of having each member of your sales team set individual sales targets that facilitate joint success?

Being part of an organization, in which sales objectives are aggregated as part of a whole, may make personal contributions go unnoticed or, even worse, make the team member oblivious to the importance of their efforts and input. Understanding and clearly appreciating the relevance of every action will help ease frustrations and spur each team member to rise to their professional challenges. But, above all, it will help design strategies and tactics that are truly effective in order to accomplish long-, medium- and short-term sales goals.

Customizing and breaking down an overarching sales goal into smaller challenges is key to designing a roadmap for targeted actions, affording better management of the sales force and increasing the likelihood of delivering outstanding results. It is a smart tactic that every sales director should be acquainted with, and should try out and hone. And now it’s possible thanks to the sales KPI manager GoalManager, a new feature integrated by ForceManager, which offers you the chance to lead your team with specific sales goals tailored for each team member.

What’s more, this solution is made all the more powerful considering GoalManager facilitates goal setting and visualization for each individual sales representative. Those who can visualize and track their goals are believed to be more motivated and increase their sales productivity by more than 20%.

Setting personal and highly visual sales targets yields several benefits:

  • It leads to self-management and builds confidence in one’s professional capacity, which can translate into greater productivity.
  • It enhances decision-making, both as a team leader, and on an individual basis.
  • It rallies the team’s efforts towards hitting the sales forecast.
  • It results in better organization and increases commitment to the team.
  • It defines and optimizes the company’s resources.
  • It helps to define bonuses or promotions clearly based on the goals achieved.

The above reasons, as well as the opportunity to increase the probability of sale, have provided the rationale behind developing this new feature for ForceManager, GoalManager, which allows you to:

  • Assign and appraise the measurable and personalized KPIs set to meet any challenge. It is a clear guide, pointing your sales team in the direction they should be steering towards.
  • Visualize your goals and those of every member of your team; their progress will pinpoint where efforts should be focused so that goals are achieved on time.
  • Achieve a more proactive team, by allowing them to set their own individual goals.
  • Set challenges beyond sales, as challenges are equally important for achieving the pursued goals.
  • Centralize goals to adapt to sales forces of any size.

Lead your team with goals. Guarantee a success-driven strategy.