3 Customers who went Mobile with ForceManager

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You may have heard us talk about the importance of data accuracy in sales forecasting and how any model, no matter it’s price tag or reputation will come under pressure if what’s fed in is of poor quality.

This issue is further exacerbated for field sales team’s by a rep’s hectic work schedule. Constant travel from one side of their territory to the other leaves little time for updating the sales system. And therein lays the trouble…

If the system isn’t being updated, what data are field sales managers supposed to use to plug-in to their forecasting models?

What they need is a user-friendly, mobile-first sales tool they can update with minimal fuss and seconds later have it back in their pocket. Something that confidently provides managers with the live data needed for effective forecasting.

But enough from us, we want you to hear first-hand from our customers.

The proof, as they say, is in the pudding

“When the guys who’ve tested the unit say this software is the best one that we’ve seen, I tell you what – when you get buy-in like that, you take it!”

Josh Schouten, General Manager of New Truck for RWC Group

After trialling several different providers Josh and the team at RWC Group found ForceManager to be streaks ahead in terms of usability. The importance of a sales software that actually gets used can not be underestimated. Not only are you paying money for these systems but if they are being used regularly, the data available to field sales managers is unprecedented.

“We had a lot of data that we didn’t manage very well, the sales guys held a lot of information to themselves, we had different people throughout the organization that required data, but didn’t have access to it,”

This leading British bedroom, bathroom and kitchen supplier faced a slightly different challenge with their data. It wasn’t that they weren’t collecting it as such – there was plenty of it available –  it was just the field sales managers couldn’t access to it. ForceManager provided them with the 360 degree vision needed to make the most accurate business decisions.

“From a management point of view we are constantly measuring what our business development reps (BDEs) do through ForceManager and it forms part of our KPIs throughout the business.”

Leigh Mase, National Sales Manager at TrustFirstParts

As Leigh points out, the leading suppliers of Ford parts for the UK use ForceManager on a daily basis to measure sales reps against their goals. The goals that guide the way to reaching your quarterly or annual sales forecast.