Introducing Dana AI: Artificial Intelligence to Boost Your Sales

Aim: Professionalize the image of the salesperson

A compilation of our best blog articles about sales and sales team management

Ebook overview

This exclusive selection is without doubt one of our most downloaded eBooks and comes right off the top shelf. A collection of tips and guidelines rounded up from 10 carefully selected articles, this eBook will offer insight on how to successfully navigate the challenges of today’s field sales market, help you prepare your reps for an effective sales visit, manage a mobile sales force and much, much more.

What you will learn

  • How to motivate and train your team with tips for preparing sales visits and ensuring their effectiveness
  • How to improve the client’s experience
  • What kind of sales communication is needed to generate an effective impact and response
  • What the salesperson’s ethics are
  • Learn to sell through social listening
  • The advantages of a mobile CRM
  • How to coach your sales team to the top