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Put your Salesforce to work with ForceManager

Put Salesforce to work with ForceManager

Traditional CRMs were originally designed for sales managers; delivering reports and detailed sales analytics. However, as a result they often lack in mobility and are extremely difficult for field sales reps to use.

Reps need help not burdens

Incredibly intuitive User Interface

ForceManager was designed with the user in mind which is why 75% of users log in on a daily basis.

No Real-time data?

Lacking real-time data?

Most sales reps update their CRM at the end of the day or on Friday afternoons. Thanks to ForceManager’s usability, reps are instantly feeding back data giving you real-time visibility over what is going on at all times.

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Your next-gen CRM

Your next-gen CRM

All the sales information you need on a smart and reliable mobile app that super-powers your day to day activities.

Born mobile

Born mobile

Access all the sales information you need on a smart, fast and reliable application built for the mobile-first world we live in.

Voice reporting

Voice reporting

Reporting has never been easier. Try our new voice-activated, AI assistant to update account details in less than 10 seconds.