Keep Calm and Sell More

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A sales rep’s best virtues are tolerance and perseverance. They are abilities that sales reps naturally demonstrate in times of difficulty. For example, coming out patient from a meeting after negotiating a tough deal with a potential client.

As well as reminding you to “keep calm” in awkward situations like the one above, here are some further reminders of some of the moments you’ll have certainly experienced at some point in your career with your portfolio of prospects or clients.

The one that got away

You initiate contact and it all seems like it’s going well. At least at first…suddenly they stop replying to your emails and calls. You’re waiting for a response but it never comes…

The stalker

At the other end of the spectrum, you have the stalker. That prospect that’s always calling you to ask a bunch of questions leaving you a little overwhelmed…

The overly open one

They know all the ins and outs of the service you offer, but you’ve made such a good impression on them that they also want to give you their life story. You try to find that gap to get back to the point of the call but end up failing.

The grumpy one

If the person on the other end of the line is in a bad mood, we can all agree that it’s best not to let the bad vibes rub off on you.

The super sensitive one

The prospect that gets offended because when they tell you they’re not going to collaborate and you ask them why. What’s wrong with asking them something that will only help you improve?

The honest one

Sincerity is important in any relationship, including sales. As a sales rep, there’s no doubt you appreciate those prospects that directly tell you if they’re interested in your offer or not.

The stingy one

The word “free” grabs their attention but really it plays down the value of our product. They jump through all the hoops to get you to lower the price.

The indecisive one

That prospect that has no idea what they want. Their questions send you round in circles. They’ve even asked their brother-in-law for advice. They takes ages to reflect before finally giving you their verdict.

The busy one

The eternal prospects. They never seem to find the time to talk or meet you. Continuously putting it off with “Call when I’m back from holiday” or “We can talk after Christmas” Sound familiar?

The no-show

But even worse are those that confirm a demo or visit but never show up. They disappear off the face of the earth right before you had planned to meet. Disappointing…

…not to mention annoying.

The friendly one

No panic here. These prospects are a breeze to work with. They want to know if you’ve arrived ok, that you’ve eaten and that you’re wrapped up warm.

 The maniac

The extremely detailed, extremely impatient and extremely fussy… But this shouldn’t conquer the patience of a good sales rep, right?

The “maybe it’s best you leave”

Not all awkward moments are down to you. I once witnessed a slightly violent, yet highly uncomfortable situation between team members I was in a sales meeting with.

After all, in most cases, these situations can happen in any working environment. Feel free to share your experiences in the comments below!