ForceManager for iOS 11 and iPhone X

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It’s that time of year again. September’s long-awaited return brings months of guesswork to a conclusion with the official Apple iOS 11, iPhone 8 and iPhone X releases.

As was anticipated, Apple have done away with the home button and introduced wireless charging for both the iPhone 8 and iPhone X models. Facial recognition also makes its debut alongside the fleet’s first ever OLED screen.

However, it’s the corresponding release of iOS 11 to mark iPhone’s 10th anniversary that’s got us all excited. Cleaner, more intuitive interfaces, faster operating systems and totally new ways to interact with the devices allow for significant improvements to be made to ForceManager and, consequently, for all those field sales representatives working out of the office.

So, let’s dive in, shall we? What exactly have the team been working on at ForceManager for iOS 11?

One overwhelming feature from the iOS 11 release we’ve been keen to explore is the ability to multitask. That’s to say, the ability to work simultaneously on two different applications at the same time, using a single screen. The Slide Over and Split View options make it possible to work seamlessly across your email, ForceManager mobile CRM app and photo library for instance.

This also paves the way for a drag and drop function. Designed specifically for iPad users, it’s now possible to literally “drag and drop” files, documents, quotes, quotas, presentations, you name it, between ForceManager and other applications. Take a quick a look below to see what I mean:

We’ve also worked hard on a complete integration with the iOS 11 File app. Essentially there’s now a dedicated work area where all your ForceManager files can be collated into one, single space, making it much easier for field sales reps to coordinate, manage and distribute their sales collateral across their mobile CRM platform. 

One of our primary goals is to ensure the app remains as intuitive and user-friendly as possible and, as such, the design of ForceManager’s mobile CRM has been on the receiving end of a few tweaks and changes. The user interface is now much cleaner, sharper and more aligned to helping field sales representatives hit their targets – rather than wasting time trying to navigate through a cumbersome sales platform. 

Sticking to our mission of user-driven design, we’ve taken advantage of some of the iPhone X features to increase the usability of ForceManager. An enhanced 5.8-inch Super Retina screen gives field sales representatives a bigger workspace to play with without compromising on size, allowing them to move across the app with unprecedented easeAlso, the depth and sharpness of the new display is something to behold.

Now we’ve told you about how we’re hitting one of our primary goals, it’s time to focus on yours. Again, the iOS 11 release has given us the opportunity to revamp our real-time sales goal setting capabilities, making it possible for field sales teams to track their personal weekly and monthly goals with a brand new KPI feature that’s seamlessly integrated within the new operating system. We’re calling it GoalManager. Go take a look and let us know what you think.

It’s also important to target business communication and ways that it can be improved, not just externally with clients but between field sales representatives and directors too. Therefore, over the last couple of months the development team has worked long and hard to streamline this process through the iMessage iOS 11 integration. Field sales reps and managers can now engage in quick conversation and easily share accounts, opportunities and contacts without those endless back and forth exchanges via email.

Still got a few questions? Head over to the Support Portal, and you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions, as well as articles and videos that explain how ForceManager works. If you prefer you can always contact our team at and we’ll be happy to help!