ForceManager Now Available on Apple Watch

1 min read

After the overwhelming reception we received following the release of our mobile application for the Android Wear platform, we’re pleased to announce that continued work in the wearable space means our CRM application is now available on the Apple Watch.

Look at any form of new technology over the last decade: Palm OS, laptops, smartphones, tablets – their frontline testing and development all took place in sales. They are the most developed team, are allocated the largest budgets but most importantly, necessitate extreme mobility. It’s this movement coupled with the need for an in-tune product, that ForceManager has developed a pioneering product.

The new software integrates seamlessly with the ForceManager smartphone application, synchronising all data entered in the system onto the salesperson’s Apple Watch. Business check-ins are faster, GPS routes require just a quick glance of the wrist and the cumbersome reaching for the phone has all but disappeared.

The app also features voice dictation that allows sales representatives to report their activities in real-time, which not only provides greater flexibility for the sales rep, but gives managers up-to-date, accurate information on the outcome of meetings. This transparency allows for authentic forecasting, team management and better decision making all round.

Users can also make and answer calls using the smartwatch without having to reach into their pocket for their mobile phone. They can also take advantage of ForceManager’s geolocation technology to improve efficiency and travel planning, boosting their efficiency as well as adding valued, real-time feedback to the CRM.

ForceManager will demonstrate the app for Apple Watch at the National Sales Conference on Thursday, 8th October at Coventry’s Ricoh Arena. The demonstration follows on from the launch of our Android smartwatch solution at Mobile World Congress earlier this year.

In addition to the Apple Watch, the wearable application is available on all Android smartwatches and is offered in five languages- English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Italian.