ForceManager Integrates With Over 1K Different Business Tools

1 min read

“The leg bone’s connected to the knee bone, The knee bone’s connected to the thigh bone, The thigh bone’s connected to the hip bone,”

Do you remember this nursery rhyme? The song that showed the world how awesome bones can be when you connect them all together to build a skeleton…

Well, think of this brand new integration with Zapier as the same thing, but for all your business tools (email, CRM, messaging apps, ordering systems, marketing automation and customer support software). Few things are more frustrating than having to enter the same information in two platforms so the ability to connect to over 1000  business apps is a huge time saver for field sales reps.

What is Zapier?

Think of it as an online system that serves as the joints to your business digi-skeleton. Zapier connects two or more business apps together allowing them to pass information back and forth, creating a more seamless experience for field sales teams using various software packages.

Take the integration between ForceManager and Hubspot for example. Every time a new contact is entered into the marketing automation tool, a trigger can be set off so that its automatically uploaded into the ForceManager database too. This means there’s no need to manually export a list over from one system to another as well as maintaining all relevant data (when they entered the marketing/sales funnel, which pieces of content they interacted with etc.)

Essentially this new CRM integration is going to save field sales teams a whole bunch of time, especially for those working out of the office as they minimize unnecessary switching across systems leaving them with more time do what they do best; selling!

For all the nitty gritty details into how exactly you can go ahead get started, head over to the support page here, where we’ve laid everything out with a little more technical finesse.