5 Reasons Why ForceManager is Perfect For Field Sales

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Intuitive and highly practical, such is the new design of our agenda. It has never been so easy for a sales representative to organize their daily visits. The thing is that the salesperson in today’s new environment must have agile sales management to achieve the utmost levels of sales productivity for the company.

Let’s see how full advantage can be taken of the salesperson’s agenda by using our software. Will you join our team in the pursuit of optimum planning?

Timeline of meetings
From the agenda, the salesperson can see a timeline of all the visits awaiting them throughout the day. As the hours pass, they will see the visits made as well as the upcoming visits, via a simple swipe of the screen. If the sales rep has a hectic day ahead, the function itself will notify them of such on a points scale.

This agenda is not limited to indicating the number of clients with whom they will meet. The reason for the visit (first visit, request for feedback following the use of our product, etc.) can also be delineated. What’s more, it indicates the distance, in km, to reach every appointment with a client.

Photograph of the day’s itinerary
In order to gain a more graphic picture, the sales rep can view the itinerary to be followed to visit clients using geolocation. As a CRM based on mobility, ForceManager directly calculates the fastest route for the sales rep.

Direct access to the client’s file
The sales rep may come across traffic on the way to the meeting, holding them back for a few minutes. Using the agenda, the customer’s file is just a click away, with their telephone number, email and other contact details. The salesperson can therefore conveniently send them a message to let them know they will arrive later than scheduled.

Check-in from the agenda
Once the meeting is over, check-ins can be registered directly from the agenda and reports can be sent to the sales management. By consulting the dashboard, we will see a graph comparing the check-ins registered with those of the previous week (or the time period selected).

Planning beyond the actual working day
Besides keeping track of the flow of day-to-day work, we can access a monthly overview of the agenda, as well as consult other pending tasks. All these features help us to optimise sales management and to fully leverage the new period of economic recovery and opportunities for growth afforded by today’s sales techniques.