5 Tennis Players You Need on Your Sales Team

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This week serves up the quarter finals of the 131st edition of Wimbledon (yes, it really has been running since way back in 1877). Unfortunately with the Irish contingent just missing out on a spot in the last 16, I thought I’d come up with my own dream team of grand slam winners who I’d die to have alongside me on the sales floor.

I’ve thought long and hard about it, so here goes.

Roger Federer


A shock exit at this year’s tournament shouldn’t put you off backing Maria Sharapova to bounce back at the next possible opportunity. I can definitely see her bringing this toughness to the job at hand and I certainly don’t see her backing down the final, most difficult stretch of the sale. Her eye is constantly on the ball and will do whatever it takes to chase that deal down. The statuesque Russian with a strong head for business; Maria would be an asset to any team (if you don’t mind being screamed at)…

I mean just look at the resilience shown here – almost a minute of exhaustive rallying against Monica Niculescu finished off with the deftest of backhands to the right tramline. Any player to pick up February’s WTA Shot of the Month is welcome on my sales team.

Juan Martin del Potro


Juan Martin plays the clever game. Moving his opponent around the court, utilizing the space to tire them before striking in the later sets of a match. He’s the kind of salesperson to be in control from the beginning, but also with an open mind to listen to what the prospect is telling him. A skilled problem solver. The likeable guy from Argentina, able to charm his way to any deal bringing valuable Latino flair to the occasion. Vamos Juan Martin!

Serena Williams


Serena has won the most grand slam titles of any tennis player in  the open era, with an astonishing 23 to her name. Impressive stuff.

The Michigan powerhouse has perfect balance and can easily pivot any sales pitch no matter what objections are thrown her way. An expert on every surface. She’s laser-focused and an excellent independent or a strong team player. Serena is a must have addition, I mean, imagine saying no to her?

Fabio Fognini


People like talking to fun charismatic people they can relate to. He builds relationships easily by disarming them with his bubbly personality. He’s the kind of guy they want to go out with because he’s the joker of the pack, guaranteed to make them smile/laugh and eventually close out the deal. Well, it would just be mean not to wouldn’t it.

So there you have my top 5 picks. Would you recommend any changes to the roster? Someone who you think would serve up a better balance of power hitting and drop-shotting finesse? Let me know in the comments below.