COVID-19 update to ForceManager clients and partners

1 min read

Dear costumers and partners,

At ForceManager we are committed to keeping you informed about events or circumstances that could affect our relationship with customers.  As a preventive measure, we made the decision to enact a company-wide policy of work from home before the official Decree on March 14th, declaring a state of emergency due to the global outbreak of COVID-19. 

During the past week, our company has made all kinds of policy enhancements to ensure that customer service will not be impacted during this situation. Our data platform is hosted in the cloud in a secure AWS (Amazon Web Services) environment, which is designed to operate without interruption and guarantees that all extensive security controls can be managed effectively from anywhere. Each of our security teams has created comprehensive plans to guarantee regular service for as long as this extraordinary situation lasts.

Among the measures being adopted we direct special attention to the following:

  • All ForceManager employees have been equipped with the necessary tools to work from home comfortably and efficiently. 
  • We have increased the network bandwidth to manage 100% of external connections.
  • We have a technology team available 24/7 to resolve incidents. 

These policies guarantee that the temporary office closures will not affect the service, attention or support we provide to our customers.

As the COVID-19 situation evolves, we will evaluate our plans to ensure top service in the face of any new situation and we will continue to share relevant updates with you as needed.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding the actions we have taken from ForceManager, please contact our technical support team at who will reach out with the appropriate information.