A New Milestone: ForceManager Acquires Sellf

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When we founded ForceManager back in 2011, we had a vision to create the most user-friendly and intuitive mobile sales platform on the market. We wanted to digitize the experience, encouraging sales reps to hand in their notebooks in exchange for a smooth, efficient, mobile sales application. We realized that technology could transform smartphones into modern day personal assistants and so we set out to build a new CRM, mobile in nature, and 100% focused on the needs of field sales.

Since then, every step has been taken with that end goal in mind: In 2016 we signed a strategic partnership with Apple, in 2017, we launched our own voice-activated AI with IBM Watson and in December 2017 we closed a $12m series B funding round led by AXA Venture Partners to invest in new product technology and international expansion.

And today we are proud to announce a new milestone to our company’s history. ForceManager has acquired Sellf, the European leaders in field sales gamification in an effort to supercharge product development and create the personal sales assistant of the future.

Sellf provide a dynamic tool that motivates field sales reps to aspire, achieve and ultimately surpass their quarterly sales targets. Supported by an impressive portfolio of daily users, the quality of their product speaks for itself. We had been watching this team achieve incredible results for a while now and knew that together we would deliver a more powerful solution for our customers.

From the first meeting with Sellf founder, Diego Pizzocaro, it was evident that the two companies would be more competitive together. Gamification provides our customers with another tool to help coach and motivate their field sales teams – and we knew that integrating their top-of-class system would add value to our clients.

Above you’ll find a video of myself and Diego discussing the acquisition and how this coming together will shape the future for a new ForceManager.

Thank you,

Oscar Macia

Watch Oscar Macia and Diego Pizzocaro discuss the acquisition and what it signifies for the future of field sales.