7 Cold Calling Tips For Sales Success

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Need advice on how to cold call? With the right frame of mind, it’s easy. Here are a few sales training ideas to help you succeed the next time you cold call your future prospects.

Some say sales doesn’t always pave the way to success. Whether you agree or disagree, what can certainly be said is that it’s one of, if not the most important channels in any business organization. Sales is the department that not only generates revenue but is also responsible for creating relationships with customers. This article by Forbes highlights 3 important facts:

  • 5% increase in customer retention can increase a company’s profitability by 75%. (Bain and Co.)
  • 80% of your company’s future revenue will come from just 20% of your existing customers (Gartner Group)
  • Attracting new customers will cost your company 5 times more than keeping an existing customer. (Lee Resource Inc.

Cold calling is probably one of the most dreaded tasks for both old and new sales reps alike. That’s why any sales rep lucky enough to catch on has a true calling for the role.

However, selling skills training and a little practice also helps. That’s why we at ForceManager have come up with some tips and advice that we want to share with you.

Cold Canvassing… how not to freeze up!

For any budding sales rep the first cold call can be frightening. However, knowing the process will help you achieve sales success.

#1. Uphold your image

We don’t mean an ironed suit or a well tied-tie. If you’re going to be a sales rep you need to know the basics of body language.

93% of communication is non-verbal. Smiling, the correct gestures, eye contact, etc., will all make the difference when closing a deal.

Remember, you’ve only got one shot to make a good first impression.

#2. Work on your presentation

Ready…? You have 20 seconds before they officially switch off. In this time, you’ve got to tell the lead who you are, what you’re offering and why they deserve your attention.

Focus on this goal. Don’t rush making your case for the sale and anticipate all possible objections from the lead. Taking it step by step guarantees you’ll start on the right foot.

#3. Be organized and backed up with material

Imagine that your prospect is trying to postpone their decision to buy but you have managed to pique their interest enough that they ask for your business card. Do you think they will call you if you’ve left your card in the office? Or maybe in the car? Will you have a second chance if you desperately go searching through your pockets? Or will they think you’re disorganized and lack professionalism?

Organization is key and linking back to the first point, it’s a question of image and making a first impression.

You must come equipped with all your brochures, catalogs, business cards. Any material that helps you look organized and under control.

#4. Pay attention 

You must put your 5 senses to work so that even the smallest details don’t go unmissed.

Are they paying attention themselves? Are they interested in your product or are they just being nice? Does it seem like they’ll make a decision soon? What are their business needs?

Pick up on all these points and you’ll have some useful clues on whether or not you need to change your tactics and of course, hints that tell you if you’re likely to be closing the sale successfully or not.

#5. Sell the benefits of your product not the features

Think about it, your product’s features and specs aren’t that interesting. However, your product’s benefits show the end result of what it can actually accomplish.

So if you’ve been paying close attention like in the previous point, you can link the benefits of your product with your prospect’s business needs.

#6. Keep calm!

Many amateur sales reps aren’t capable of this. Don’t panic if your client has some doubts. Keep calm! This is a good sign. They are thinking over it and want to make sure they are making the decision.

So keep your cool, smile and stay alert. Don’t interrupt your prospect. Let them voice all their doubts. Otherwise, how else will you prove them wrong?

#7. Always be closing

Incredibility, disinterest and indecision…Often the attitude of a not so favorable prospect. You might initially feel tempted to give up, avoiding tension from a hostile and not very receptive client. Don’t fall to this temptation!

You must try. Don’t forget you can always resort to some sales closure techniques. These have been put together to work in your favor when everything is going against you. Otherwise you end up in deadlock.

Please feel free to share any other tips and advice in the comment section below.