Why the future of mobile CRM is wearable

2 min read

We’re going to conduct a little experiment. Pick up your smartphone and, without turning it on, give it a good look. What do you notice? It’s probably gotten larger over the last few years. Now, activate it – how many unseen notifications do you have? A dozen? More? Missed calls, emails, text messages, Facebook messenger alerts, WhatsApp messages, calendar updates, social media alerts, even your CRM is pinging you with a task alert that you’ve missed a 90-day follow up on a not-so-important prospect.

This is your day-to-day reality. When everything becomes urgent and important, it’s hard to know what is actually urgent and important. From the moment you wake up to the moment you plug your little distraction machine into the wall at night, you are constantly being pulled in multiple directions with little real-time understanding of the priority level of each notification.

Unfortunately, this heads-down trend directly contradicts what we know to be the most powerful method of creating lasting success in sales: building relationships.

This is why the future of the enterprise CRM is wearable. Imagine an unobtrusive layer in between your brain and the constant notification stream from your smartphone that can subtly alert you to truly important and relevant information in the precise moment that you need it in order to make the correct decision or take action. Welcome to the Wearable CRM.

Who would actually wear this thing?

When it comes to the difference between theory and practice, there are few situations in the enterprise world that are more drastically opposed than implementing a new CRM system. What looks clear and simple on paper becomes the most despised, ill-executed process in the hands of management and employees. We all know or have been a part of a disastrous CRM implementation and the experience is not pleasant for anyone involved.

However, done correctly the addition of a Wearable CRM will be a welcome one for sales professionals around the world and executives seeking a high long-term ROI. Since every organisation is different, it’s critical that the wearable solution focus on providing role-specific, task-driven added value where the wearable device will save time and keep you fully immersed in the present moment. Consider the following examples where a wearable CRM makes sense:

  • There’s been a change in the time or location of your next meeting
  • An unexpected traffic jam suggests an alternate route to your appointment
  • A new lead that’s close to a buying decision is assigned to you
  • An emergency Support Case is issued from your biggest client before a major deadline
  • Your assistant or a family member needs to contact you during a client meeting
  • You’re unexpectedly out of critical materials before a meeting and need them delivered
  • You simply need to set a reminder or task or jot down notes while driving
  • Urgent activity in your CRM needs your immediate attention

The value of the wearable CRM is to provide discreet, personal and critical notifications to the user so they can choose to act on something even while their smartphone is unavailable, on mute or shoved in a bag. The wearable CRM is always on the user’s wrist.

As the wearable devices negotiate their role into our everyday lives, they’ll provide countless known and yet-to-be known benefits that also create value for our professional objectives. For example, health tracking has become the leading argument for consumer adoption of wearable devices and the evolving technical landscape will become even better at collecting, analysing and predicting our overall health. Corporations are increasingly aware of the dramatic impact a healthy staff has on their bottom line and will incorporate more ways to take advantage of these trends.

Furthermore, the wearable ecosystem should have a similar impact on other daily mobile applications in addition to the sales CRM. This will help professionals be more efficient in other aspects of their lives so they can remain even more focused on hitting their sales goals. While the road to innovation and user adoption is never the smoothest ride, we firmly believe that the lasting impact of the wearable CRM will improve the way business is conducted and increase the value we bring to our clients.

If you’d like to take ForceManager’s Wearable CRM for test drive, contact us here and see what value it can bring to your organisation.