Sales Reps, A New Breed Of Pokémon GO Master?

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For the uninitiated (or maybe those born before 1985) the latest instalment to Nintendo’s Pokémon franchise has, quite literally, sparked off the world’s largest scavenger hunt.

Unlike its predecessors, Pokémon GO has ditched the handheld consoles of old in order to blend augmented reality (AR) with our real-time surroundings. Using the geolocation features embedded in Android and Apple devices players are set off on a quest to catch as many Pokémon as possible which, instead of appearing in the grassy outcrops of Red, Blue and Yellow now pop up in the local park or fish and chip shop.

However, it wasn’t until I was pulled into an office wide hunt to track down and capture a Krabby, that it dawned on me how prepared I was for this latest venture. Bear in mind I’m a genuine novice to the series with my experience confined to a few weeks playing my brother’s Gameboy. So was it natural ability? Or had I been sub-consciously trained for this undertaking all along?

Geolocated Mapping

Perhaps this is the source of my new unfound talent? As a ForceManager user, the closest sales opportunities or accounts are geolocated by distance for the sales rep on the application’s map. A route is then carefully calculated to optimize time and ensure the widest possible portfolio coverage is maintained. No lead left unattended, no pipeline laid bare, no Pokémon left uncaught.


Being a Pokémon master means getting out there, scouting out and catching as many different types and strengths as possible. It’s exactly the same in sales; if a rep wants to land those figure-breaking deals they’ve got to get out there and start selling – a proactive attitude that gives them a clear advantage when tracking down Pokémon. However, there’s no hoodwinking these systems. Fail to physically show up at the designated point of interest and success may come hard to find.

Preparing for a Showdown

Before heading out on a sales call the rep needs to be prepared. Questions such as how many employees does the potential client have? Is this their first time using this type of system or product? Or have they spoke to anyone from our team prior to the call need to be asked. Do so and it presents a professional, trustworthy image to the client – someone reliable that’s seen as a potential business partner. It’s this same preparation that tells the sales rep not to charge into an Electric based gym armed with a flock of Pidgeottos.

Closing the Deal

All the hard work has been done; countless follow-up emails, calls and client visits made. However, it could all be in vain without that final seal of approval – the client’s signature. To attain it is a fine art that requires a dexterity and calm not too dissimilar to that seen on a Pokémon battlefield. Anticipating an opponent’s attacks, the defenses and strategies likely employed and the flexibility to change your own accordingly.

Detailed analysis

Sales reps display a competitive streak rivalled only by their Pokémon GO playing counterparts. Where do they rank within their team? Which were the biggest deals closed last quarter? What leads offer the highest possibility of closure? But reaching the top requires an intense analysis of sales activity. A steely will to comb through the statistics and find those areas for improvement.

Take a recent battle for example. The sales reps sends out their Caterpie to fend off an intruding Charizard. It doesn’t go to plan. Caterpie is toasted and sent reeling straight back to the sales rep who is then forced to switch out their Blastoise which fairs significantly better. However, after a little digging it turns out Bug types are not all that effective against fire-breathing dragons BUT water types are. Lesson learned!