Must-go International Sales Events

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Every once in a while it’s good for a salesperson to take a deep breath, step back and stretch their legs a little; the gruelling, day-to-day sales cycle takes its toll on even the most experienced industry vets. To mix it up, why not take a look at a sales conference?

As they often contain some of the industries brightest and boldest, it presents the perfect opportunity to learn, modify and refresh existing sales techniques. Still clipping the final hurdle with that pay-day deal? It might’ve not only been cleared, but completely removed from the track by another colleague. There’s no point in hard lessons being learned twice over.

A conference also allows for networking amongst peers. It helps build out your network – useful as you never know where that next prospect may come from. It will help both you, and your business move forward.

So, here is a quick round-up of some of the world’s most renowned, thought-provoking conferences to jot down on your calendar.

National Sales Conference (NSC)

Held annually, the NSC is the only UK sales conference and exhibition endorsed by the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management (ISMM). It enjoys a healthy blend of industries, with a host of representatives from manufacturing, education and healthcare to automotive and financial banking. This diversity is mirrored in the size and scope of companies present, as well, ranging from annual earnings of £50m+ down to <£100,000. A well represented conference with plenty to offer for everyone.

Next Showing: 8th October, 2015  – – Ricoh Arena, Coventry, UK

Sales Innovation Expo (SIE)

The SIE features some of the most renowned names in the sales world. Glean insight from the likes of Top 10 Sales Influencer Tamara Schenk, billion-dollar deal maker Dan Waldschmidt and top-selling sales author Darren Kelly. With thousands of new people attending every year, the refreshed atmosphere is full of continually evolving ideas for you to pick up and apply to your existing sales practices. A must see event for those interested in the latest industry trends.

Next Showing: 11th – 12th May, 2016 – – Excel London, UK

Sales 2.0

Heading across the pond now, the Sales 2.0 conference addresses all aspects of your business’s needs, from social selling and coaching reps to sales strategy and execution. The continually evolving process that buyers are taking, on social media and online, is explained with suggestions on how to meet the buyer, where they are, on their terms. All keynotes and takeaways are available for download after the conference too, so you can take what you learnt with you.

Next Showing: 16th November, 2015 – – Sales 2.0 Leadership Conference, Philadelphia, USA

CEB Sales and Marketing Summit

Staying stateside, this next event allows you to pick the brains of over 900 B2B senior sales and marketing figures. The genuine interest in professional growth not just amongst attendees, but from keynote speakers too is infectious; you’ll come away from the CEB feeling invigorated and inspired to affect change amongst your sales teams. Want to push the boundaries, trends and developments in B2B sales? Then head on over to Vegas!

Next Showing: 20th – 22nd October 2015 – – Las Vegas, USA

CRM Evolution

Last but not least, the CRM Evolution. This conference as the heading implies is focused on your favourite piece of selling software. Designed to facilitate the relationship between company and customer, CRM’s are constantly being re-worked, pulled down, then re-worked again to accommodate the changing nature of the market. It’s imperative that your sales force stays ahead of the curve if you want to see those green-lined graphs occupy your desk space, and leveraging the latest sales software is the best way to go about it.

Next Showing: 23rd – 25th May, 2016 – – Omni Shoreham, Washington DC

Think we’re missing a key event? We’d love to hear your suggestions so please, drop us a note in the comment box below.