Mobile CRM – The Solution for Increasing Your Sales

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The ForceManager solution is based entirely on the concept of mobility to drive efficiency in the management of sales networks. In our view, mobile technology offers two key advantages: it gives you instant access to information on your customer, and allows for automatic recording of that information using mobile devices. With a proven return on investment.

Everything points to 2014 as the year in which mobile finally becomes a consolidated marketing solution. According to Telefonica, the penetration of smartphones in Spain in 2015 will reach almost 70%, led by Android devices. A study by Forrester Research maintains that in four years the proportion of tablets sold to companies will increase from 12% to 18% – nearly 1 in 5 tablets will be bought for corporate use.

The data relates to the short term. If your business is to take full advantage of these opportunities, it’s essential that you invest in technology right now to improve productivity and competitiveness. A mobile solution provides two clear reasons for doing so:

1) Mobility gives you instant access to client information

A mobile solution gives you easy, real-time access to data from anywhere, via your smartphone or tablet. It also offers opportunities for the sales force to work as a team by consulting the shared database to keep abreast of calls, emails, and notes on clients. Thus tasks aren’t duplicated, and there’s no loss of information as communication is transparent, fluid and instant.

Access to information is entirely secure. Thanks to the cloud, data is housed in a secure server and access can be restricted to certain devices and users. If a device is lost, access from that device can be blocked, a happy contrast to losing a computer and with it, all the Excel documents with the company’s commercial data.

ForceManager also uses geolocation to provide the sales representative with a map of sales opportunities near their current location, indicating the quickest route for getting to the next appointment.

2) You can automatically record information using mobile devices

Mobility also allows for the automatic recording of all communication and interaction with customers from smartphones and tablets. This has considerable advantages:

2.1 The sales agent no longer has to report to the company, making their work easier, more motivating and more productive.

Thanks to ForceManager software, sales representatives can use a check-in facility to record all their calls, emails and sales visits automatically, and in a totally transparent way. As sales impacts are measured automatically, sales reps no longer need to report on their activity because the system is already aware of it.

The accuracy of the information recorded is guaranteed, relieving sales agents of the tedious task of manual reporting and allowing them to dedicate all their time to selling.

2.2 Sales management has clear insight into the sales team’s activity

Each impact generated by the sales network is recorded and linked to a geographical position, a time and a contact. This data can be combined with information on quotes offered, or on revenue generated, to give a highly detailed overview of the sales team’s activity. Sales managers can then identify good practice, problems, and opportunities for improvement – thus optimising sales force efficiency.

The technology records the performance of sales agents, and the response of the prospect right from initial contact – much faster than traditional processes in which information was noted manually following the visit and shared back at the office. Mobility means that sales teams have access to the latest technology, anywhere, and can take corrective measures quickly thanks to real time information on the interaction.

Mobility has a clear return on investment

Opting for a mobile solution is a safe bet. ForceManager increases the volume of sales impacts between the sales network and potential customers by more than 20%. Here’s how:

On average, a sales representative spends 6 hours a week – or 15% of their time – on administrative tasks. Supposing they earn a monthly salary of €3,000 and your company employs 40 sales agents, that means you’re paying your sales team €18,000 a month for time not spent selling. These are valuable resources that are being wasted.

If you work with a mobile solution you’re reducing time spent on administrative tasks, freeing up sales agents to generate more impacts. The sales force will therefore conclude more sales – and you’ll see improved business results.