NEW Features For ForceManager Mobile CRM 2.2 on iOS

2 min read

This summer we’re adding a host of new features and improvements to ForceManager for iOS and they don’t fail to impress, so make sure you don’t miss out!

Without a doubt our favorite addition is the new design, which works to increase the efficiency and usability of the tool.

The redesign includes a new navigation menu that can be found at the bottom of the screen, allowing you to switch between sections of the app without losing the screens you had previously opened. This way, you can access all the functions of the application easily and quickly. What’s more, the menu is totally customizable so you can choose what’s shown in the menu and where.

Also included in this new version is ForceManager ScanCard. From the ‘Contacts’ menu, you can scan business cards either collected atevents or from clients or potential leads. With just one, quick photo of the card all the relevant information is captured and data fields filled in. Adding new contacts has never been easier.

Among the new features we’re also including post-call reports. From now on, when you call an account or contact from ForceManager you will be able to add comments to make sure you don’t forget anything important from the call. In the report, you can also create events or tasks which will link to the user who makes the phone call, as well as to the recipient contact or account.

Up until now, you could only add and personalize views from the web app under ‘Opportunities’, which included predetermined filters to help you segment and organize your opportunities based on business criteria. With the new iOS version, you can now see your views from the mobile application.

What’s more, on the iPhone 6s and iPad Pro you can also enjoy shortcuts to important information using 3DTouch.

In this new version, we’ve also made improvements to the design of the edit screens of your accounts, opportunities, tasks, events etc. You also now have the possibility to add multiple contacts (up to 5).

And not forgetting a new integration with Waze to plan your sales routes. Up until now you could only see all your sales routes with Google or Apple Maps, but now you also have the option to use Waze, the real-time traffic and navigation based app, meaning you don’t waste any more time!

To make ForceManager easier for you to use, we’ve added videos and help cards (only available for certain versions), to help you understand the application’s new features. Not only will you learn how to use the tool, but you’ll also find out all the possibilities it offers you that might not have known about.

Lastly, we’re using the launch of this new version as an opportunity to:

  • Apply speed improvements, so now you can navigate around the tool much faster
  • Optimize and increase battery life
  • Increase security, if you leave your device unattended for a few minutes you can access the application again using your fingerprint with TouchID.

Still have some questions? Go to our Support Portal and you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions as well as articles and videos that explain how the application works or if you prefer you can contact our Support Team at We’ll be happy to help!